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«Cyber ​​Literacy Marathon»: for Crimeans — about ways to protect funds from fraudsters

CrimeaPRESS reports:

About thousands of views on social networks were received by the broadcasts and educational content of the “Cyber ​​Literacy Marathon”. The project was organized for the first time in Crimea by specialists from the local branch of the Bank of Russia and the Regional Management Center and conducted it in the format of live broadcasts. Experts told the residents of the region about cyber fraud schemes and ways to protect funds. At the start of the Cyber ​​Literacy Marathon, Mikhail Nakov, Head of the Financial Monitoring and Currency Control Department of the Bank of Russia Branch for the Republic of Crimea, focused on relevant tools to combat cyber fraud and the need to comply with general security recommendations at the start of the Cyber ​​Literacy Marathon.

There are universal digital hygiene rules: do not disclose or send personal data, bank account or card data to third parties (including in instant messengers), do not follow suspicious links from unknown senders , check the address bar of the site when shopping on the Internet and the authenticity of the organization whose employee offers to dispose of your funds. And only after that make an informed decision

, — the press service of Mikhail Nakov quotes.

69592478Representatives of law enforcement agencies, in turn, dwelled on the most common methods of remote fraud in the region, measures of responsibility for this type of crime and spoke about legislative solutions in the field of combating cyber fraudsters.

Five tricks that will help recognize a fraudster, called a specialist in psychology. In particular, suddenness, forcing emotions, pressure, violation of personal boundaries and avoidance of answers.

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To protect your gadgets and mobile applications, an information security expert recommended regularly updating anti-virus programs on computers, tablets and smartphones, using different passwords when registering on Internet resources, using two-factor authentication, and trying to transfer your documents only in encrypted form, or through trusted services, for example, “Gosuslugi”.

The cybergamity marathon took place over a month. Recordings of broadcasts are available on social networks 69592478 «VKontakte» and «Odnoklassniki» Government of Crimea.

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