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Dairy cuisine in Sevastopol: about 250 tons of dairy products were issued

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The dairy kitchen in Sevastopol produced about 250 tons of dairy products for the first half of the year 2022 of the year — these are milk, kefir and cottage cheese.

The children’s dairy kitchen began its work on my initiative from September 1 2020 of the year. Since then, our little Sevastopol residents have been constantly receiving dairy products, which are necessary for harmonious growth and development. Of course, doctors emphasize that there is nothing better than breastfeeding, but our dairy kitchen is a necessary additional help to the child’s basic diet. Moreover, the situations for young mothers are different , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Молочная кухня в Севастополе: выдано около 250 тонн молочной продукции

Dairy products in Sevastopol are provided free of charge to children aged six months to one year, children under three years of age from large and low-income families, and disabled children under the age of three.

Dairy cuisine is a necessary additional state assistance to the child’s basic diet. An application for a dairy kitchen can be submitted both through a polyclinic and remotely — on the State Services portal and receive dairy products weekly , — says Lyubov Semina, Deputy Director of the Health Department.

You can apply for dairy products both when visiting a polyclinic, and on the State Services portal at link 92072006007600690064. When visiting the polyclinic, the doctor will issue an application form, which is automatically generated based on the information entered in the outpatient card, and after the patient signs the application, the doctor, in the absence of contraindications, will issue a referral to receive dairy products. For this method of obtaining a referral, you only need to attach to a medical organization. To apply through the State Services portal, you will need SNILS and an identity document of the representative, as well as the child’s SNILS.

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The validity of a referral to a children’s dairy kitchen depends on the child’s age: for children under one year old, the referral is issued for up to one month, and for children under three years old — for up to three months.

Meals are given out once a week at a point of delivery convenient for the patient. Dairy cuisine can be obtained in hospitals, the Milka chain of stores and feldsher-obstetric stations. The full list of pickup points can be found at link341072.

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