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Day of family, love and fidelity in Yalta — a lot of festive events

KrymPRESS reports:

The Day of Family, Love and Fidelity is celebrated in Russia on July 8, the day of memory of Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom, who are considered the patrons of family and marriage

By tradition, on this day, cultural institutions will host various events aimed at promoting family values, educating a healthy younger generation: cognitive game quizzes, online concert programs, creative meetings. Sports events and honoring married couples who have been married for more than a dozen years are also planned, the press service of the Yalta administration reported.

In Yalta, festive events will begin on July 8 with a mass exercise, which will take place on the upper deck of Primorsky Beach. It will be held by the master of sports in athletics Victoria Sukhova. Also during the event, the Cup will be played, which will be awarded to the best sports family. Event starts at ..

AT 14: 00 a quiz is planned for the Memorial Day of A.S. Grin «Under scarlet sails» (youth library, Rudanskogo st., 8).

AT 15: 00 — a competition of reading families for the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity «Visiting a favorite book» (library No. 00, urban-type settlement Krasnokamenka, Centralnaya street, 17).

Events will continue on Saturday, July 9th:

AT 09.00 at the stadium MBUDO Children’s and Youth Center for Physical Education and Sports (Kalinnikova St., ) the Republican Festival of Nordic Walking “By the Wisdom of Taurida” will take place.

AT 11: 00 — animation program for the whole family «Family» (square in front of the theater of A.P. Chekhov).

AT 12: 00 — a festive award ceremony for families «Day of Family, Love and Fidelity» (the square in front of the A.P. Chekhov Theater).

AT 12: 00 – opening of the exhibition of paintings by the Yalta artist Nina Terenko “Beloved Crimea” (library No. 6, Koreiz, Mayakovskogo St., 15).

AT 14: 00 — a local history review for the birthday of the Yalta writer S.K. Slavich «Stanislav Slavich» (library No. 8, Khalturin St., 17 building 1).

AT 14: 00 — a page of the history dedicated to the Day of Military Glory of Russia “The Power is Strong with the Army” (library No. 6, Naydenova str., 8).

AT 18: 00 – karaoke battle for the whole family (area of ​​the square fountain, Lenin embankment).

In 17: 17 — concert «Dunes of Coastal Music» (https :// (Italian courtyard of the Livadia Palace)

Festive events will also take place in Alupka and settlements on July 8:

AT 18: 00 — concert «Everything starts with love» (Krasnokamensky village club).

AT 18: 00 — a festive concert (Alupka House of Culture).

AT 16: 00 — sports and recreation competitions «Mom, dad and I are a sports family» (Gaspri village club).

AT 17: 00 — joint training of the Bogatyr and Vympel clubs with their parents (Gasprinsky village club).

AT 18: 00 — festive concert (Korean House of Culture).

AT 18: 00 — concert of children’s amateur performances, disco (Club of the village of Blue Bay).

Changes are possible in the program!

2067Source: Department of Information Policy of the Administration of the City of Yalta


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