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Deputies of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea deal with pricing in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At a meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship Development of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, the deputies considered the issues of pricing and food supply in Crimea.

According to Irina Mezavtsova, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy of the Republic of Crimea, since March 1, all trade enterprises of Crimea have noted an increased demand of the population for sugar, buckwheat, rice and sunflower oil, in connection with which the issue of increasing the supply of these food products by more than four times has been worked out.

The issue of interaction between retailers and wholesalers remains problematic, in terms of the transition of distributors to full prepayment and only cash payment for high-demand goods.

Price monitoring showed identical violations: the lack of ongoing work to bring recommended prices, the absence of price tags, the discrepancy between prices in photo reports and actual prices for goods sold in basic facilities.

As a result of the work carried out, the Ministry of Industrial Policy determined the price situation in the context of all socially significant products: the maximum price for wheat flour was recorded in Evpatoria (30,50 rub/kg), and Krasnoperekopsky district (49 rub/kg), minimum — in Saki (from 26,88 rub/kg) and Nizhnegorsk region (up to 20,49 rub/kg). Rice groats reached the maximum indicators in Armyansk (95,90 rub/kg) and Leninsky district (89,93 rub/kg), the minimum was recorded in the Belogorsk district (51,30 rub/kg) and the city of Saki (up to 54,66 rub/kg). In turn, buckwheat in Simferopol and the Leninsky district costs 156, rub/kg and 150 rub/kg, respectively, while in Armyansk and Razdolnensky district — 91,50 rub/kg and 90 rub/kg . In addition, the price of sugar in Evpatoria amounted to 54,32 rub/kg, in the Bakhchisaray district — 50,70 rub/kg, and in Krasnoperekopsk and Dzhankoy district a similar product costs 85 rub/kg.

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According to the head of the relevant parliamentary committee, Oksana Dobrorez, an increase in food prices in chain retail facilities by 20-30%, in small retail outlets prices increase by 100, 97 and even 200% for the same product groups.

Unfortunately, there are cases, on the order of 54%, of unreasonable overpricing, primarily in non-chain retail outlets. There are those who, in a difficult period, are trying to make money, taking advantage of the unrest of people. Today’s commercialism may tomorrow lead to the refusal of further cooperation , she noted.

According to the deputy, every fact of unreasonable overstatement is fixed, and parasitism and speculation are unacceptable.

Representatives of retail chains, the largest Crimean manufacturers and suppliers of products also spoke at the committee meeting, who voiced their proposals to level the situation on the consumer market. Following the results of the work, the deputies decided to hold a price monitoring conference with the heads of municipalities, the members of the committee were instructed to organize similar work in the assigned territories.

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