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Examination period has started for Sevastopol schoolchildren

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The first exams were held today as part of the state final certification in 2023. More than 1,300 Sevastopol 9-graders took the main state exam (OGE) of their choice: 1,000 people passed biology, 159 students passed physics, and 160 students passed history. One of the points for conducting exams on the basis of school No. 43 was visited by and. O. Director of the Department of Education and Science Maxim Krivonos.

216 children from 16 schools write an exam at this point, they are in a good mood. The item is ready, I looked at everything myself. The traditional security measures provided for by the educational process have been adopted: fire, anti-terrorist security, as well as covid security. All requirements remain with minor changes: now there is no seating arrangement, there is no mandatory wearing of masks for children. Security measures are provided for the transportation of students from other schools. Boarding the school bus is carried out, and in accordance with all requirements for the transportation of children, they are delivered to the examination points, so all security measures are standard and well-established— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the head of the department.

Exams in all subjects begin at 10:00. The duration of the OGE in physics and history is 3 hours. The duration of the examination paper in biology is 2 hours 30 minutes.

I don’t think the exam is difficult. I have been preparing for it for a very long time with my teachers, for which I am grateful to them. There is no particular excitement, before the exam I had a good sleep. I am confident in myself and in my knowledge. If you have a desire to learn, then everything will definitely work out. The main thing is to be responsible for the preparation, to teach and understand the material. I wish all students good luck— notes a student of school No. 47 Daria Yakovleva.

Compulsory exams for ninth-graders this year are traditionally the Russian language and mathematics.

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On the first day of the examination campaign, seven examination points were used. In total, 25 points have been prepared for ninth-graders — on the basis of Sevastopol schools. All rooms are equipped with the necessary technical equipment. Public observers are involved in monitoring the objectivity of the examination procedure.

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