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Festive premiere at SevTuZ — dedicated to the 240th anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The theater continues to talk about the historical past of the city with youth and teenagers. On the occasion of the 240th anniversary of Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet, the Sevastopol Theater for Young Spectators will present a play based on the play by Nestor Kukolnik «MARITIME FESTIVAL IN SEVASTOPOL» — the first dramaturgical work in Russian literature about the fleet and the Black Sea stronghold.

The action of the play takes the audience to the middle of the century before last. Russia is on the verge of a major pan-European conflict: the Crimean War will soon begin. And in 1853, the Black Sea squadron under the command of Pavel Nakhimov destroyed the Turkish fleet in the Sinop Bay. It was the last great battle of the era of the sailing fleet. Sevastopol is preparing to solemnly welcome the winners. One of the characters in the play, Alexei, having gone out to sea, leaves his bride Olga, the daughter of a veteran of naval battles, on the shore. Her father was just about to bless the young, but … The audience will have a dramatic story about how the fate of the heroes developed. The action of the performance is permeated with romance and a thirst for achievement, love, bitterness of separation, expectation, fear, sadness..., — noted in the press service of the theater.

Festive premiere at SevTuZ - dedicated to the 240th anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet

The author of the play, Nestor Vasilyevich Kukolnik, was a contemporary of Alexander Pushkin and Nikolai Gogol. One of the first printed copies of his work was donated to the Maritime Library. M.P. Lazarev in 1977 by Lieutenant Valery Milodan.

An interesting fact is that the first action of the play takes place in the Maritime Library.

170 years after the events described, the heroes of the play will reappear on the stage of the Sevastopol theater. The premiere screenings will take place on May 13 at 18:30 and May 14 at 14:00 and 18:30. The best seats can be selected on the SevTyuZ.rf website or at the theater box office: prosp. Gagarin, 16.

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