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«Flowers for the Beloved»: in Sevastopol, women were congratulated on the holiday with a concert

CrimeaPRESS reports:

«Flowers for the Beloved» — a concert under this name, dedicated to International Women’s Day — March 8, was held at the Lunacharsky Theater.

Today I remembered a small quatrain: “In this tiny and shaky world, as long as the sun will shine for us, a woman will remain a mystery that no one can solve.” It is interesting that these lines were written by the Soviet poetess Larisa Rubalskaya. And after all, if you really think about it, if a woman writes about a woman like that, then what is left for men? But of course we will try every day to solve this riddle. And you can solve this riddle only with love, tenderness, care.— Mikhail Razvozhaev addressed with congratulations.

In honor of the holiday, creative teams of the city prepared a concert program for women. Creative teams performed: the Atlantic Ensemble, the Dance Theater. V. Elizarova, group «Walk Soul», Maxim Ovchinnikov, Vyacheslav Muzychenko, actors of the theater. Lunacharsky, Artem Fedorov, Dmitry Morozov and Irina Knyazeva, Alena Zinchenko and ans. «Ultramarine», Sergei Burshtein, Olga Pankratova, Evgeny Boytsov and Batrakova, the ensemble «Galateya», the ensemble «Firebird», the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Black Sea Fleet.

Sevastopol women proved to be real heroines worthy of the Hero City: someone supports their husbands, who are now in the NVO zone, someone provides a strong rear by raising children, someone signed up for a volunteer movement, breaking away from work, from their family doing everything for victory. I’m sure we’ll wait for our guys with Victory— says Mikhail Razvozhaev.

At the end of the concert, volunteers and cadets presented flowers to all women from the governor of Sevastopol.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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