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For the courage and heroism shown in the NVO zone, the Sevastopol citizen was awarded the medal «For Courage»

For the courage and heroism shown in the NVO zone, the Sevastopol citizen was awarded the medal «For Courage»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Medal «For Courage» is the highest indicator of personal courage and courage, which has become one of the symbols of a special military operation. For Valentine, behind whom the war in Afghanistan, this is not the first, but the most valuable award. He went to the special operation zone as a volunteer.

It is impossible to remain indifferent and sit at home when you know how to hold a weapon in your hands, you know how to survive, and the guys are injured there — it is impossible. The important thing is that now there is someone to defend our Motherland, I met many worthy guys there. Another thing is that there are many young and hot among them, and I saw my task there as teaching them to survive, to share experience. This is partly why I got the medal.Valentine said.

He added that in the special operation zone he led a group of servicemen in the Kherson direction.

In a combat situation, as a rule, there are no objectors to fulfill the requirements and commands, because all the people who came there are quite motivated, especially volunteers. Therefore, with the execution of orders, everything went well, regardless of age and rank: young, adults, officers, enlisted personnel — it does not matterthe man shared.

Recall that military personnel are provided with about 15 federal and regional benefits and guarantees, including those received by participants in the special operation: official housing or compensation for rental housing, life and health insurance, credit and tax holidays, additional benefits and guarantees of subjects of the Russian Federation, and others.

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To enter military service under a contract, you need to prepare the following documents: an autobiography and a questionnaire (the form is posted on site), passport, military ID, education document, marriage and birth certificate.

The collection point is located at St. Communist, 3a, phone: +7 (8692) 22-14-51.

Text and photo — the government of Sevastopol.

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