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Yefim Fix launched the Azov Way rally

Yefim Fix launched the Azov Way rally

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The First Deputy Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, Yefim Fiks, launched the Azov Way motor rally, in which 12 national-cultural associations of the republic take part. For three days, participants will travel the route Simferopol — Taganrog — Mariupol — Berdyansk — Melitopol — Genichesk — Simferopol.

The motor rally along the Azov Way symbolizes the return of Russia to its historical borders, and the participation of representatives of different nationalities in it underlines our national unity. Thus, we confirm that together we are solving common tasks for the benefit of the prosperity of Crimea and the power of Russia, together we are building a future for all citizens living on the territory of our vast country— said Yefim Fix and wished the participants of the rally successful completion of their tasks.

As Yuri Gempel, the head of the parliamentary committee on public diplomacy and interethnic relations, who initiated this project, noted, “the participants of the rally will show everyone by their example that the path through the liberated territories is comfortable and safe.”

During the rally, meetings will be held with representatives of the national diasporas of new regions to assist them in integrating into the Russian community and implementing measures to strengthen the all-Russian civic identity. It should be noted that with our support, Armenian, Greek, German and Bulgarian national-cultural autonomies have already been registered and legally formalized in Melitopol.— said Yuri Gempel, adding that the Committee will continue to hold such events, inviting representatives of national diasporas from the liberated territories to Crimea to exchange experience and implement joint large-scale projects at the all-Russian level, such as the 220th anniversary of the resettlement of Germans in Crimea, which is planned to be held next year.

Yefim Fix launched the Azov Way rally Yefim Fix launched the Azov Way rally Yefim Fix launched the Azov Way rally Yefim Fix launched the Azov Way rally

Press service of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea.

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