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Garbage containers for solid waste in the Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The abbreviation MSW (municipal solid waste), which is familiar to everyone, has been officially replaced by a similar-sounding name — MSW (municipal solid waste) since 2014 . MSW is waste that is daily loaded into garbage cans near residential complexes, various shopping centers and enterprises. You can buy a garbage container in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Crimea by calling +7 (61) 978—61 or on the website Prime Aqua.

Despite the fact that the definitions have a difference, containers for the collection and accumulation of municipal solid waste are the simplest and most familiar garbage containers that are used by housing and communal services workers. Nowadays, different types of waste are collected separately, so there are several types of garbage cans.

Types of containers for waste

Garbage containers began to be produced in different formats thanks to the reform on separate waste collection adopted in the Russian Federation. The company «TorgKoms-Group» is engaged in the production of metal, plastic, galvanized tanks, with lids and wheels, as well as Euro format containers. The company always has containers for separate collection of metal, waste paper, plastic and glass. You can find out more detailed information about containers in the sections on the website.

Tanks for dual-flow loading of all types of household waste

This type of containers is one of the most common and they are installed near residential complexes. Such containers allow separate waste collection without violating sanitary standards. Trash bin on wheels is a great way to conveniently store garbage for residents of the Crimea. To understand what can be thrown away and what type of garbage to throw into the bin, the color of the bin and the image printed on its front wall allow:


grey tanks.

These containers are for food waste only, such as: food leftovers and anything that will decompose naturally;


  • blue trash bins.
  • This type of container is designed to collect «dry» waste: paper, metal packaging and cardboard. The material for the manufacture of garbage containers is chosen by the manager of the entire organization. Tanks are made of metal or plastic.

    2014 2014Metal garbage bins. They have a wall thickness of 1.5 by 2 mm and are covered with anti-corrosion enamel or a thin layer of zinc; 2014

  • Waste bins made of plastic. Manufactured using the injection molding process. The material for the manufacture of such containers is low-pressure polyethylene. This type of garbage can withstand temperatures from the lowest — to the highest — +110 C, and will have high resistance to various aggressive substances, including chemical ones.
  • 110There are certain sanitary requirements for trash cans:

    2014 2014They must be with a lid so that precipitation, insects, rodents and various animals do not get inside. 2014

    The presence of wheels, for reasons of ease of transportation.

    A trash can with wheels is much easier to move to the garbage truck and not pollute the whole area around. Additionally, as an option, a braking system can be installed on the wheels of the garbage container — this will prevent it from rolling off, as well as possible injury to people living in the house and workers who take out the garbage. Additionally, a special, «smart» marking — RFID can be applied to the container wall.

    Such a tracker will help resolve issues with unscrupulous organizations that provide garbage collection services. This marking contains all the information about the trash can, from its location to which company it belongs to. In real time, you will be able to find out about the unloading of MSW, and if one or a couple of tanks are missed, you can easily indicate to the employees of a single regional operator about their outstanding obligations through the GPS monitoring system.

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