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Crimean teachers invite colleagues to join the celebration of Cosmonautics Day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On Tuesday, 12 April, teachers from schools in the Dzhankoysky, Krasnoperekopsky districts and the city of Simferopol decided not only to hold a class hour and tell the children about the holiday date, but to conduct classes in an interactive form. Today, according to the Crimean teachers who participated in the first All-Russian forum of class teachers, the teacher needs more activity and creativity. That is why, after the events, the children will also mount videos that will be published on social networks on the official pages of schools and classes.

In the Simferopol school No. 30 named after. A.A. Amatuni, students of the 7th grade, together with their class teacher, Gagarin’s namesake, Yuri Alekseevich Polyakov, decided to hold a master class on making paper airplanes for their peers. They will be launched at a big break, accompanied by the famous «Let’s go!».

Ekaterina Yaroshik, teacher-psychologist of the Fraternal School of the Krasnoperekopsky District, suggested that each student feel like a conqueror of the universe and go on a journey into orbit. A thematic photo zone with spaceships will be placed in the hall of the educational institution.

Lyubov Chetvernina, the class teacher 10 of the Crimean School class in the Dzhankoy district, together with the students, will hold a flash mob. They will line up in front of the school in the form of the figure of the legendary Vostok ship and go to classes not to the trill of a school bell, but with the call “Let’s go!”.

It is unnecessary to remind, but still … 12 April 1961 Yuri Gagarin on the Vostok spacecraft for the first time in the world made an orbital flight around the Earth, opening the era of manned space flights. The flight, which lasted only 108 minutes, was a powerful breakthrough in space exploration. The name of Yuri Gagarin became widely known in the world, and the first cosmonaut himself received the rank of major ahead of schedule and the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and forever inscribed both his name and this flight in world history.

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