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Grants from the Presidential Fund: nine Sevastopol NGOs received 12 million rubles for creative projects

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Grants from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, reports «Sevastopol newspaper», will be directed to the creation of patriotic documentaries and street theatrical performances. On March 10, the Coordinating Committee of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives summed up the results of the first competition in 2023 for the provision of grants from the President of the Russian Federation for the implementation of projects in the field of culture, art and creative (creative) industries. The largest grant in the amount of three million rubles for the All-Russian festival of theatrical art for children «Fairytale Kingdom» went to the non-profit organization of the same name for the preparation of cultural events.

The annual Fairytale Kingdom project is a chance to form a new interested audience in theatrical art and competently educate the younger generation of Sevastopol residents among the best examples of theatrical art— it is said in the explanatory note of the competitive project.

The festival allows to popularize the work of professional children’s theaters of the country and Sevastopol, to involve young people in the theater and cultural events in general.

NGO «School of Future Commanders» received more than two million rubles for the project «Military-historical board game «Places of Historical Victories».

According to the project management, a game form of obtaining knowledge will create excitement among young people in studying the history of their country, the exploits of our ancestors, and assessing certain historical events. The project will address issues of preserving historical memory and eradicating unprofessionalism and attempts to falsify historical facts from politically biased Western sources of information.

The Sevastopol branch of the «Union of Journalists of Russia» will create a documentary and journalistic film «Chief Relations: Moscow, Sevastopol, Fleet» for 1.7 million rubles.

The project is aimed at research, continuation and development of patronage relations traditional for Sevastopol and historically covering several historical periods between the regions of the Russian Federation and the Black Sea Fleet.

The project of the Sevastopol City Council of Women «Little Heroes of a Big Country» also won 1.7 million rubles.

The project is aimed at introducing schoolchildren to participate in the creative process of creating a patriotic board game «The Time of Real Heroes», dedicated to their peers, heroic children who performed feats for the benefit of our Motherland. As part of the creative competition, the children themselves will come up with interesting questions about the life and exploits of child heroes, draw illustrations for creating a game, and take part in voicing special labels with tips.

The Center for Socio-Cultural Initiatives “Vector of Kindness” received 1.7 million rubles for the creation, promotion and information support in the media and social networks of the documentary and educational film “Thrice Born!” Dedicated to the 240th anniversary of the Hero City of Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet.

The goal of the project is to attract students to the cultural and historical heritage by creating videos about outstanding events and personalities who have contributed to the history of the city: the famous naval commanders of Russia, the organizers of the city and fleet, the heroes of the two defenses of Sevastopol, famous cultural figures.

The Center for the Formation of Civic Culture or the Creative Workshop «Teatralnaya Street» received a grant in the amount of 0.5 million rubles for staging a street performance «Averchenko’s Expedition».

Watching performances on the streets of the city has a positive effect on the general perception of citizens of their place of residence and the strengthening of a common civic identity, the grant application said.

Also, IP Butchenko Sergey Vladimirovich and IP Butchenko Margarita Yuryevna received half a million rubles each for staging the performances «Suvorov — the science of winning» and «Sevastopol boy» based on the story by K. Stanyukovich, respectively, and IP Bekitrova Irina Alexandrovna for the project «Through the pages of Russian folk dance».

The cultural and educational concert “Through the Pages of Russian Folk Dance” will make it possible to influence the formation and establishment of moral, spiritual Russian values, to resist the influence of other values ​​that are not supported by the culture and historical traditions of Russia.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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