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How is the overhaul going on in Simferopol sports school No. 4

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the administration of Simferopol, the control of the execution of work at the capital construction facilities of the Crimean capital is carried out weekly in order to promptly identify and resolve problematic issues. As for the overhaul of the Simferopol sports school No. 4, a contract for the amount of .7 million rubles was concluded in September last year. Today, the main efforts of the contractor are concentrated on dismantling work directly in the pool.

Как проходит капремонт в симферопольской спортивной школе №4

The contractor performed the dismantling of the entrance group, the dismantling of the wall cladding, as well as the dismantling of the plaster from the surfaces of the walls and ceilings in the pool. At the moment, finishing work is underway at the facility in terms of plastering the walls in the corridors and offices , — said the administration of Simferopol.

Как проходит капремонт в симферопольской спортивной школе №4

The entire infrastructure that ensures the operation of sports school No. 4, in particular, internal networks of water supply and sanitation, electricity, water treatment systems, and heating, is to be replaced.


Under the terms of the contract, the contractor must complete construction work before the end 2022 of the year, but the schedule is planned to be accelerated in order to open the pool by the summer period.

Как проходит капремонт в симферопольской спортивной школе №4

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