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ICC «Artek» supported the All-Russian action «Books for Donbass»

CrimeaPRESS informs:

Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov June launched the action «Books — Donbass», designed to collect literature for schoolchildren and youth in Donetsk, Luhansk, Mariupol, Kherson and other cities. Artek residents and employees of the International Children’s Center supported the good idea. Collected books for readers of different ages, and collection points continue to grow. Throughout the shift, Artek workers and employees of the children’s center collect a «book package» — children specially brought books from all over Russia and from other countries, and adults brought something from their personal collections. In the selection of favorite books of Artek residents, you can find something interesting for every taste. Among the publications are fiction and popular science, Russian and foreign, classics and novelties. Here are fairy tales and adventures, novels and children’s detective stories, encyclopedias and books on the history of Crimea …

To share your favorite book is to share a part of your soul, experience , knowledge. Artek is happy to participate in the action! I brought Gogol’s Inspector General, Makarenko’s Pedagogical Poem, Green’s Scarlet Sails, and Pushkin’s Tales to the collection point. The books that we collect will be donated to the Donetsk and Luhansk republics, some of which we will give to our friends — the Red Carnation camp in Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region. Today the camp is already working on the technologies and programs of Artek , — the press service of the director of the International Children’s Center Konstantin Fedorenko quotes.

Artek residents hope that the books will give new readers joy and inspiration, and will allow them to learn more about the cultural heritage of Russia.

I’m glad that Artek is participating! We have the opportunity to collect wonderful literature for the children of Donbass. I chose for the action what I love myself, these are Russian classics — Pushkin, Turgenev. I think the guys will find something new in these books. Such projects are important and should be carried out regularly, they allow children to get acquainted with the history, immerse them in the culture of Russia , — says Elena Zhivoglyad, deputy director of Artek.

Artek residents accompany their gifts with kind letters to new readers.

Many of us know the current situation in Donbas. I want the children to become happier there, so that some event will illuminate their lives. I chose the book «Familiars» for a gift. This is a book about magic. It seems to me that readers will be pleased to be distracted and get into the magical world , — says Polina Romanova from the city of Znamensk, Astrakhan region.

The guys participate in the action with thoughts about unfamiliar peers and about those who became friends during the shift at Artek.

In the camp we met guys from Donbass. They talked about what was going on in their house. It evokes strong emotions. Of course, the guys here remain positive, joyful. When we communicate, we are children, we feel each other, we are on the same wavelength. But after Artek, they will return home, and I want to support them with everything that is in our power. I hope that with our word we will be able to warm someone, give light and joy , — notes Yulia Shtrak from Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan).

МДЦ «Артек» поддержал всероссийскую акцию «Книги – Донбассу» МДЦ «Артек» поддержал всероссийскую акцию «Книги – Донбассу» МДЦ «Артек» поддержал всероссийскую акцию «Книги – Донбассу» МДЦ «Артек» поддержал всероссийскую акцию «Книги – Донбассу» МДЦ «Артек» поддержал всероссийскую акцию «Книги – Донбассу»

The “Books to Donbass” campaign is supported by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and will last until August. Anyone can participate in it. You can bring books to the nearest collection point in your city.

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