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In 2022, thousands of copyright holders of previously registered real estate objects were identified in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the 2022 year in the Republic of Crimea, more than 14 000 of the right holders of previously registered real estate objects. Within the framework of the procedures established by Federal Law No. 518-FZ, local governments take measures to identify the right holders of previously recorded real estate . After analyzing the archival data, accessing the site, sending requests to various authorities and making appropriate decisions, information about the owners and their real estate objects is submitted to the State Register. Committee specialists, in turn, enter information into the Unified State Register of Real Estate (EGRN).

Filling the USRN with this information allows the tax authorities to involve these objects in the tax turnover, even if the rights to them have not been re-registered according to Russian laws. At the same time this mechanism is not a state registration of rights and does not relieve citizens of the task of visiting the MFC to independently apply for registration of property rights , — quotes the press service of the chairman of the State Committee for State Registration and Cadastre of the Republic of Crimea Inna Smal.

According to her, the past year showed clear dynamics in this area of ​​work of local administrations. In the second half of the year 14 of the year, when the mentioned federal law actually came into force, information about the copyright holders was entered into the USRN 448 previously recorded objects. Then the municipalities became noticeably more active and in the 2022 year it was revealed more than 14, 4,000 persons who own a total of , 8,000 non-re-registered real estate objects. Information about each of them was submitted to the Federal Tax Service in the prescribed manner.

Recall that it is possible to provide reasonable objections to the draft decision on identifying the copyright holder of previously recorded real estate within 12 days from the date of receipt by the person of the relevant notice.

2022source: press service of the State Committee for Register of the Republic of Crimea

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