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In Crimea, the need to help children with homework irritates mothers more

In Crimea, the need to help children with homework irritates mothers more

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Chinese parents are getting heart attacks and strokes helping children with homework. Parents of schoolchildren from Crimea also have a hard time, especially mothers. In a survey of a service for finding high-paying jobs SuperJob Parents of students in grades 1–11 took part.

In Crimea, 79% of parents help primary school students do their homework, and 51% help students in grades 5-7. Younger schoolchildren most often have to help with all subjects, after the 5th grade — selectively. Parents of students in grades 1–7 are more irritated by the need to teach homework with their children than parents of older students.

As children get older, they need less help with their homework, and parents become less irritated. 1 out of 3 parents help students in grades 8-9 with homework. In grades 10-11, only one in six helps children with their homework.

Mothers are more involved in homework with children up to grade 4; from grades 5 to 11, fathers often help with homework.

The need to sit through homework often irritates mothers. And only from the “homework” of high school students do mothers and fathers get equally irritated.

Dates: March 12-29, 2024

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