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In Crimea, the number of schools equipped with control systems has doubled

In Crimea, the number of schools equipped with control systems has doubled

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The number of schools in Crimea, where power and access control and monitoring systems (ACS) have been installed, has doubled since the beginning of 2024, to 325, reported TASS Vice President — Director of the Retail Business Department of the systemically important bank of Crimea RNKB (part of the VTB Group) Alexander Kozinkin:

Since the beginning of 2024, RNKB Bank has installed power and access control and management systems in more than 170 educational institutions in the Republic of Crimea. To date, compared to January 2024, the number of educational institutions where new systems have been installed has more than doubled and amounts to 325 schools. To date, more than 130 thousand parents and 170 thousand children are participating in the project.

The installation of systems is carried out jointly with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Crimea under the republican project “Digital Environment. Education». It allows parents to track their children’s appearance at school in the RNKB mobile application when the child places the card on the reader and passes through the turnstile. The systems also allow you to use Russian bank cards to pay for meals at school and for public transport.

source: TASS

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