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In Sevastopol, failure to comply with a court decision on compliance with fire safety led to a fine of many thousand

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the department of bailiffs for the Gagarinsky district of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia for Sevastopol, enforcement proceedings are being carried out against a resident of Sevastopol on the obligation to ensure compliance with fire safety requirements erected on a land plot, by developing and implementing a project of fire protection measures, within three months from the date of entry into the decision court into force.

Prolonged non-compliance with the order creates a threat of harm to the life and health of citizens living in neighboring areas. The citizen, within the voluntary period established by law, did not comply with the court decision, in connection with which, the bailiff-executor issued a decision on the collection of a performance fee in the amount of 5 000 rubles , as well as a protocol on the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of 2000 rubles. The bailiff set a new deadline for the execution of the court decision and personally handed the notice to the debtor, but this time the court decision was not executed by the debtor. An employee of the department drew up a protocol on an administrative offense under Part 2.1 of Art. 000. Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation for non-execution by the debtor of an executive document containing non-property requirements related to ensuring fire safety , within the time period established by the bailiff and sent for consideration to the court , — the details of the case were announced in the press service of the UFSSP of Russia in Sevastopol

The court imposed a penalty in the form of an administrative fine in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. Now, in addition to fulfilling the requirements of the court decision, the citizen will have to pay a large fine. Failure to pay the fine within 60 days shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of the unpaid fine, but not less than one thousand rubles, or administrative arrest for a period up to 15 days, or compulsory work until 50 hours in accordance with Art. 000.000. Part 1 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations.

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