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In Sevastopol, over thirty thousand people took part in the procession of the «Immortal Regiment»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A mass procession took place today in Sevastopol as part of the All-Russian action «Immortal Regiment». The action was attended by those who cherish the memory of the veterans-winners. Her goal is to make sure that the memory of the heroes remains forever, not only on granite slabs with surnames. Today, as part of the procession, the participants also carried portraits of the participants in the special military operation who died during the fight against Nazism. The procession was attended by the Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev. He passed with a portrait of the Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet Andrei Paliy, who died liberating Mariupol.

I asked permission from the wife of Andrei Nikolaevich Paliy, our deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet, who died in Mariupol, to pass with his portrait, and received permission for this. He did it with pride, honor and dignity. We support our Black Sea Fleet, each of those who are on the front line today is like our own. We remember everyone, we will never forget their families , — the head of the city shared.

В Севастополе свыше тридцати тысяч человек приняло участие в шествии «Бессмертного полка»

In total, more than thousand people took part in the action «Immortal Regiment» in Sevastopol.

We have gathered here today all together to honor the memory of our grandfathers, grandmothers, all our ancestors who gave their lives so that we can now walk through the streets of our great city, so that we have a clear sky above us, so that we can live here and raise our children in a great country. A low bow to them, a low bow to those veterans who are now with us, and thank you for a peaceful life , — shared a participant in the procession Tatiana.

In addition to participating in the procession, you can contribute to the folk chronicle on the website, where the family can publish memories of his veteran, his combat path, family photos and videos. The website of the folk chronicle has collected more than 817 names of veterans. And every day it is updated with new stories.

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