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In Sevastopol, the remains of the defenders of the city were reburied

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The solemn ceremony was held at the memorial fraternal cemetery of the Great Patriotic War in the village of Dergachi. The event was also attended by Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Nemtsev, Senators of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Altabayeva and Sergey Kolbin, Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet for military and political work Rear Admiral Vyacheslav Rodionov, Archpriest Sergiy Khalyuta, school students, members of veteran organizations, representatives of the Sevastopol Search Association organizations «Duty» and representatives of search teams from other subjects of the Russian Federation.

Today, like every year, we have gathered here at the fraternal cemetery for a very important cause, in order to pay tribute to the memory of people who fulfilled their duty to the end, who defended and liberated the Hero City of Sevastopol, who remained in the heroic Sevastopol land. Every year we hold a ceremony, every year the searchers go into the fields, find the remains and identify the fighters. The events of the defense and liberation of Sevastopol are our memory and this is what we will always remember. Now a special military operation is underway, our guys, just like their grandfathers and great-grandfathers, are heroically defending our land, dying on the battlefields, the Sevastopol land is accepting new heroes, and when we say goodbye to the soldiers, we often say that in Sevastopol we always knew how to remember, always knew how to honor and always knew how to be grateful to the defenders of the Fatherland, the defenders of the city. This tradition will never stop in Sevastopol, because Sevastopol will always be a Russian outpost, a Russian fortress, Russian pride and Russian glory!— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the governor of the city Mikhail Razvozhaev.

The remains of 193 soldiers were reburied today with military honors. This year it was possible to establish the name of only one person — this is a signalman, Red Army soldier Fedor Ivanovich Krivorak, born in 1919. A native of the Oryol region. He died on the Mekenzian mountains, defending Sevastopol.

On behalf of all deputies and all Sevastopol residents, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all participants in the search operations. You are doing a good deed, returning the fallen fighters to a single system. Thanks to you, they take their well-deserved place in the pantheons of glory, in the hearts of their families, in the memory of the people. Their courage and fearlessness, readiness to defend their land to the very end — this is an example for us today— notes Vladimir Nemtsev.

In Sevastopol, the remains of the defenders of the city were reburied In Sevastopol, the remains of the defenders of the city were reburied

Every year, on the eve of Victory Day, search «Memory Watches» are opened on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War. On the battle lines of Sevastopol these days, the detachments «Memory», «Balaklavets», «Breeze», «Scout», «Partizan», the search association «Debt», the detachment «Sevastopol-Crimea-Poisk» of the DOSAAF of Russia, representatives of the search detachments from Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Kirov and Bryansk regions, Krasnodar Territory, Republic of Dagestan.

Probably, in every family there are not just heroes who fought during the Great Patriotic War, but many have those who went missing. There are such heroes in my family, and every time I come to the cemetery of Pavel Filippovich Gorpischenko just these days, I think that perhaps someday the remains of my ancestors will be found, and we will be able to visit their graves, so it’s a very personal story for me. And I really want to say a huge thank you to the search engines, because this is a very hard physically and morally completely disinterested work— emphasizes Senator Ekaterina Altabaeva.

During the event for the burial of the remains of Soviet soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War, a funeral litia was also held today for all the fallen soldiers.

On behalf of the committee on defense and security of the Federation Council and on my own behalf, I would like to express my deep gratitude to our search engines, who put their soul and all their strength into perpetuating the memory of our dead soldiers. Today we pay tribute to the memory and gratitude to the true defenders of the Fatherland. They gave the most precious thing they had — this is life, so that the country lives, so that we live with you— says Sergey Kolbin.

The chairman of the Sevastopol city association of search organizations «Dolg» Marina Gavrilenko noted that the Sevastopol detachments work almost all year round.

This is very hard work. It’s hard to find a fighter, it’s hard to lift his remains out of the ground, but it’s even harder to return a fighter’s name. Last year we buried 11 named fighters, and this year the guys of Andrey Mohyla managed to establish only one name … And so year after year. I am very happy that the youngest generation of Russia appears in the search engines, which means that the fighters of the Great Patriotic War continue to educate us. And I really do not want the ongoing hostilities today to give birth to new missing people. Every soldier must have a name, and we must do everything for this.— emphasizes Marina Gavrilenko.


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In accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation «On perpetuating the memory of those who died in the defense of the Fatherland», traditionally every year at the Memorial Cemetery of the Great Patriotic War (village of Dergachi) the reburial of the remains of Soviet servicemen who died during the defense and liberation of Sevastopol in 1941-1945, found on the battle lines of the city search teams of the ROO SOPO «Dolg».

ROO SOPO «Dolg» was established in 1991. It has 160 search engines, united in 21 detachments. In the ranks of the association are students, military personnel of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, workers and employees of the city’s enterprises. The main activity of the organization is the search for the remains of Soviet servicemen who went missing on the borders of Sevastopol during the defense and liberation of the city from Nazi invaders. According to the found medallions, notes, inscriptions on personal belongings, the search engines establish the names of the soldiers who gave their lives on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War, organize the arrival of Sevastopol relatives of the dead heroes from the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

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