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In Sevastopol, they remind you that you have to pay for parking in paid parking lots. Otherwise, fines

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the center of Sevastopol, an hour of parking costs 35 rubles, in Balaklava — 50 rubles. You can pay for parking in the most convenient way for you:

  • in cash through Payberry terminals;
  • by bank card through parking meters;
  • through the ruparking mobile application;
  • in your personal account on the website;
  • send SMS to number 7878.

If payment is not made, car owners are subject to administrative liability. The fine for placing transport without payment is 1,500 rubles.

Paid parking works in Balaklava and in the central part of Sevastopol. In total, about a thousand paid parking spaces have been organized, of which 10% are intended for parking cars of preferential categories of citizens.

Beneficiaries (owners of vehicles) can obtain a free parking permit through the public services portal, the MFC or in person at the Department of Transport at Pushkina, 2. In addition, it is possible to purchase a resident parking permit for a period of one year and a non-resident parking permit for a month, six months or year. The permit is a subscription for the corresponding calendar period.

Detailed information about the layout of paid parking lots (parking spaces) can be found on the website of the Sevastopol parking space operator

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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