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In Sevastopol, they fight insect pests and mow the grass

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Sevastopol, grass is being mowed and green spaces are being treated from pests.

Today, the specialists of the State Budgetary Institution «Parks and Squares» are processing green spaces from pests that are not quarantined — these are the rosemary beetle, scale insect, leafworm and others, and from diseases. Works in the territories assigned to the institution are carried out by employees, since a license for their implementation is not required. About 200 trees have already been processed , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the director of the department of urban economy Yevgeny Gorlov.

The work has already been completed on Primorsky Boulevard, in Victory Park, in the Lenin Komsomol Square, the processing of green spaces in the square 60 — Anniversary of the USSR, a pine plantation along General Ostryakov Avenue continues. The plans include the Uchkuevka park, Pobedy Avenue, the Internationalist Warriors Square, the territory near the 5th Bastion, School No. 11, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the arches along the street. General Melnik, Square of Heroes of the Soviet Union.

In the near future, the treatment of green spaces from ticks and quarantine pests will also begin. To carry out such work, an appropriate license is required, the director of the relevant department emphasized.

«Parks and Squares» signed a contract for the treatment of ticks 330 hectares of assigned territories. Work will begin in the 20 days of May. Also on May 6, tenders were published to determine the organization for the provision of services for the treatment of green spaces from quarantine pests, including from the American butterfly. In early June, an organization will be determined that will start processing about five thousand plants under a state contract , — notes the head of the department.

In addition to the Parks and Squares institution, such work is carried out by management companies and municipalities. So, the processing of green spaces in the adjacent territories is included in the current tariff. If a pest is found, residents must apply to the management company.

With regard to municipalities — about 86 million rubles. allocated to municipalities for the maintenance of green spaces. To date, contracts are being concluded with the conditions for performing work on the treatment of plants from pests, with the exception of the Verkhnesadovsky and Orlinovsky municipalities, since earlier in these territories there were no cases of plant damage by pests , says Yevgeny Gorlov.

He also noted that grass is being cut in Sevastopol. Specialists of the «Parks and Squares» institution have already carried out three stages of relevant work in the assigned territories.

The municipalities have now carried out one round of mowing. Today we checked the work in the Leninsky, Gagarinsky and Nakhimovsky districts — there are big remarks. We brought this information to the heads and set the task to intensify the work so that they mowing more actively , — emphasizes the director of the department of urban economy.

According to him, in case of detection of harmful plants, for example, ragweed, city residents can contact the person responsible for the area. At the same time, those responsible must also independently identify, determine the scope of planned work and mow the grass. To date, no such foci have been found, monitoring is underway.

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Recall that mowing activities in accordance with the assigned territories are carried out by the Parks and Squares institution, municipalities, and management companies. So, «Parks and squares» are responsible for mowing the grass in the following areas: the central city ring (the green zone of streets, parks, squares); Seaside boulevard; embankment Kornilov; Victory park; park on st. Nicholas Music; Komsomolsky park them. Maria Baida; square on Cape Khrustalny near the monument «Soldier and sailor»; park them. 60 — anniversary of the USSR; square of Sevastopol cadets; park them. Anna Akhmatova; park «Uchkuevka»; Student park on Parkovaya street. Intra-city municipalities carry out mowing in the territories of green zones of streets, parks, squares of the respective districts, management companies — in the adjoining territories of apartment buildings. Mite treatment (acaricidal treatment) of green areas occurs within the distribution by mowing.

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