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In Sevastopol, work is underway to clear reservoirs and their tributaries

In Sevastopol, work is underway to clear reservoirs and their tributaries

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Ecology of Sevastopol Yulia Gavrilova answered live the popular questions of city residents that they ask on social networks. Citizens’ appeals were collected by analysts from the Regional Management Center. The broadcast took place in the official group of the Government of Sevastopol on the VKontakte social network. One of the topics of conversation was river cleaning. The head of Sevprirodnadzor recalled that there are three large rivers in Sevastopol — Chernaya, Kacha and Belbek. Work to clear these reservoirs and their tributaries is carried out annually and in stages, funds are allocated from the federal budget.

This year we cleared the Belbek River, we are continuing work on several sections from last year, and this year we are completing the development of the Balaklavka clearing project, and we are planning to start next year. According to water legislation, clearing is carried out without dredging, using gentle methods, one might say, general cleaning is carried out. We do not change the bottom and banks of the river, but remove sediment, fallen vegetation, and so on— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the director of the department.

Yulia Gavrilova also spoke about the work of employees of the Directorate of Protected Natural Areas and Forestry on the territory of Maximova Dacha and Ushakova Balka. These are specially protected natural areas, and also cultural heritage sites.

In particular, Maksimova Dacha is the most complex territory legally, the legislation here is both environmental and for the protection of historical objects: there are difficulties with the reconstruction of objects, with any actions. But we are coping, we are actively cooperating with Sevnasledie. Ushakova Balka is also often perceived by residents as a square or park, but it has the status of a specially protected natural area, and, in fact, we are conserving it as a corner of wild nature. Therefore, it may inevitably look like a jungle, like a wild forest, and so on, but the territory is inside the city, so sanitary pruning is still carried outnotes the head of Sevprirodnadzor.

During the broadcast, the director of the department also responded to requests from residents about a ban on visiting forests and the Great Sevastopol Trail.

The ban on visiting forests is still in effect, with the exception of some territories, all this is regulated by order of Sevprirodnadzor. This exception includes publicly accessible recreational areas that are listed on our website and the Great Sevastopol Trail. It was closed for part of the season when the fire danger was greatest. Then, having analyzed together with their subordinate institutions that monitor fire danger, they decided to open the Great Sevastopol Trail, but taking into account compliance with the requirements: no overnight stays, no making fires, but only for hiking trips, staying therenotes Yulia Gavrilova.

She also told us what to do if you encounter a wild animal.

First of all, you need to try not to come into contact with wild animals — this is the golden rule. You cannot try to pick him up, take him home, hug him, feel sorry for him, and so on — all this is dangerous. There have been cases when animals with rabies were discovered even this year, so anything is possible, a wild animal, in principle, is not looking for a meeting with a person, but is trying to avoid it, but if the wild animal itself wants to contact you, it means that this is some kind of non-standard situation. However, you should not feed or tame. If an animal poses a threat to humans, you need to contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations. If there is a threat to the animal, you need to contact us at Sevprirodnadzor, and we will further figure out what to do.emphasizes the head of Sevprirodnadzor.

Let us remind you that live broadcasts in the Sevastopol Government group on the VKontakte social network are held on a regular basis. On the eve of the next broadcast, everyone can leave their questions, wishes and suggestions under the announcement post.

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source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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