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Restoration of the left side of the road section on the Crimean Bridge was completed ahead of schedule

Restoration of the left side of the road section on the Crimean Bridge was completed ahead of schedule

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The movement of passenger vehicles along the section of the left side of the road part of the Crimean Bridge, which was most damaged after the explosion, has been restored

Let us recall that on July 17, as a result of a terrorist attack, the spans and supports of the road component of the Crimean Bridge were damaged. Less than a day later, on July 18 at 00:30, traffic on the Crimean Bridge was opened according to a temporary scheme with the damaged section passing in reverse mode along the right span. On the same day, the Government Commission approved the production schedule for restoration work.

The bridge workers had to replace two spans and repair damaged support subframes. First, it was necessary to dismantle the left span and build a temporary working bridge over which the new span had to be delivered to the work site. The new spans were assembled at two slipways, one of which was built on the island of Tuzla, and the second at the operating base of the Uprdor Taman FKU. To assemble the spans, 534 tons of metal structures were required; they were manufactured and delivered to the work site by one of the domestic factories— reported in Rosavtodor.

From September 4 to 5, the new span of the Crimean Bridge was delivered and slid onto supports in the Black Sea. To transport the metal structure weighing 237 tons, special multi-wheeled self-propelled modules were used, capable of withstanding the required load with a reserve. On September 6, the span took its design position.

The most technically difficult stages of restoration were the construction of a temporary working bridge, transportation and installation of a new span. Considering that these works did not require the use of the right side of the Crimean Bridge, they were carried out without introducing additional restrictions on traffic and did not create any inconvenience for motorists. The temporary bridge has completed its task, we have already started dismantling it,” Nikita Khrapov, head of the Federal Institution Uprdor “Taman”, spoke about the features of repairing damaged areas.

Restoration of the left side of the road section on the Crimean Bridge was completed ahead of schedule

After the new span of the left side of the road part took its design position, specialists laid two layers of asphalt concrete, installed expansion joints, and installed a barrier fence and lighting masts. All restoration work took 59 days. They involved 250 people and 15 pieces of equipment.

After completion of work to replace the left span, road services, in agreement with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, optimized the traffic pattern on the Crimean Bridge. In the area where reverse traffic was previously in effect, cars now travel in one lane in each direction. Having passed it, transport moving in the direction Taman — Kerch continues along two lanes on the right side of the bridge. Cars traveling to the mainland from Crimea also cross most of the bridge in two lanes, moving along one lane only for a small section— noted in Rosavtodor.

It took builders 59 days to restore the damaged part of the Crimean Bridge.

At a meeting with the President, they reported that we would complete the work by September 15, and we stuck to the schedule exactly, finishing even 1 day earlier! This would not have happened without the coordinated work of experienced builders. I thank everyone for their enormous efforts and heroic work. A large team of specialists accomplished a real feat, demonstrating a high level of professionalism! They worked around the clock, regardless of weather conditions.

Work began on the day of the terrorist attack. A temporary working bridge was erected, the damaged span was dismantled and a new one was installed. It required 267 tons of metal. The asphalt was laid. Now the left side is completely ready to accept the flow of cars,” commented Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin.

According to him, there is still a lot of work ahead, in particular, the replacement of the second span.

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Today on the Crimean Bridge preparations will begin for the dismantling of the right span of the road section. After it is removed from the water area, specialists will begin sliding the new span; it is now being assembled at the slipway site. All restoration work will be completed by November 1.

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