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In the Crimea created a map of pink fields with coordinates

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Crimea, the peak of flowering of essential oil roses. Fragrant pink seas are located in the Belogorsk, Bakhchisarai regions and near the resort of Alushta. Spectacular photo shoots can be done almost until mid-June. Easily find 8 plantations of the Queen of Flowers at once with a new online map.

Thousands of flowers, exuding a sweetish and at the same time delicate aroma, meet beauty lovers in the village of Turgenevka, Bakhchisaray district. Many people know this field on the peninsula, it is the largest not only in the Crimea, but also in Russia: its area is about 30 hectares.

As writes Tourist portal of Crimea, this rose kingdom is not the only one on the peninsula. In the distant post-war years, Crimea produced 70-80% of the rose oil produced in the USSR. 28 farms were engaged in the cultivation of ethereal plants, and the valuable essential oil of the plant was exported far beyond the borders of the country. In the 90s, many fields were no longer cultivated, but the rose, thanks to its strength, continues to live and gives beauty and aroma every season.

To show the pink wealth of the peninsula, for this season, the Crimean Rose company has created field map queens of flowers, marking on it the location of farm plantations and those areas that are no longer cultivated, but no less attractive.

Total for map 8 points in different regions of Crimea with coordinates of pink fields and the possibility of building a route.

Now the planting area of ​​essential oil roses is about 100 hectares. Until mid-June, a pink fairy tale awaits you in the fields of Simferopol, Belogorsk, Bakhchisaray districts and right among the mountains in Big Alushta.

In the Crimea created a map of pink fields with coordinates


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