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In the Nikitsky Garden — an exhibition of botanical painting «Interesting cacti»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The exhibition of botanical painting «Interesting Cacti» by Korean and Russian artists is taking place in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. This is the fourth exhibition of BOTANICAL painting, which takes place in the FGBUN «Order of the Red Banner of Labor Nikitsky Botanical Garden — National Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.»

Each of us has our own mission , — says the director of the NBS-NSC, corresponding member. RAS Yuri Plugatar. Opening in February 1185 the Art Gallery in the Garden, we noted that it is very harmonious: excellent artists add their touches to the creations created by the NBS employees. And it is very significant that at some stage artists working in the genre of botanical art joined us. We stand with both hands FOR the popularization of botanical science in Russia, especially in such an attractive form as exhibitions. We are now actively cooperating with the Association for the Promotion of Culture and Art «Creative Union». The organization is headed by graphic artist Irina Golubeva (Moscow). And when in 2021 the association launched a new project «Foreign Botany», we, of course, wanted to participate in it, after all, the NBS has always been distinguished by active international cooperation. And today we are very pleased to have the opportunity to present in our gallery the works of 11 artists from Korea and five from Russia.

The main characters of the exhibition are cacti. It presents «portraits» of our prickly pets.

The names of the participants of the exhibition — Korean artists representing the Korean Botanical Arts Cooperative , and the titles of their works:

  • Ansuk Park, «Thelocactus bicolar» (paper, watercolor), Shon Byeong Sun, «Mixed Thorns» (paper, colored pencils), Eunhee Park, «Matucana haynei» (paper, watercolor, gouache), Hellene Ahn, «Ferocactus herrerae» (paper, crayons), Hoonyi Lee, «Astrophytum ornatum(DC.)», «Britton&Rose» (paper, crayons), Hyojin Kim, «Ferocactus recurvus» (paper, watercolor ), Sang hui Yu, «Echinocereus vierekii var. Morricalii» (watercolour on paper), Soyoung Sin, «Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill.» (paper, watercolor), Sukgyeong Bak, «Epiphyllum pumilum» (paper, watercolor), Yeonhee Choo, «Pachycereus Pringlei» (paper, colored pencils), Young Ju Lee, «Echinocereus websterianus» (paper, watercolor, ink).
  • В Никитском саду - выставка ботанической живописи "Интересные кактусы" Russian participants:

    • Lilia Mikhailova, Prickly Pear (watercolour on paper), Elena Kutkina, Echinopsis Erie (Echinopsis eyriesii) (paper, watercolor), Ksenia Tikhomirova, «Echinopsis subdenudata» (paper, watercolor); Marina Galchenko, «Ferocactus townsendianus» (paper, watercolor), Alexandra Slanova, «Astrophytum Capricorn» (paper, watercolor).

    Botanical painting is very descriptively characterized in a release presented at the exhibition by the Korean Botanical Arts Cooperative: “… This is a field that focuses on the actual appearance of plants and expresses them from an artistic point of view. Starting from illustrations depicting plants in detail without the use of photographic techniques, it has evolved into botanical art, delicately describing the characteristics of plants. Botanical art is an area where you can learn to be observant, to sense color and to appreciate Nature by observing her and reflecting on your coexistence with her….”

    Total at the exhibition «Interesting cacti» represented 27 works, and each of them is distinguished by its own, unique style , — comments the head of ASRCA » Creative Union Irina Golubeva . – This is not surprising, because the skill of artists is directly related and conditioned by their national history, culture, and traditions. Often the works of artists who are passionate about botanical painting are called portraits of flowers. All of them are strictly realistic and at the same time seem to be permeated with high poetry. This genre certainly combines science and art in a very natural way. And, of course, it is very responsible for us to demonstrate the works of artists in the gallery of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, because its employees are the most sophisticated experts, they, like no one else, feel the form and soul of any plant.

  • В Никитском саду - выставка ботанической живописи "Интересные кактусы"

    This is the fourth exhibition of botanical painting, which takes place in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor — the National Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. . Previously, her projects «Plants: Myths and Legends», «Botanical Painting and Illustrations — «Vanishing Beauty», «Songs of Flowers and the Sea» were presented here. Also, her master class was successfully held here, in which children, using a layout and an artistic collage, tried to reflect their inner world, their attitude to what is happening and the surrounding Nature, and it was called “Paperwork — I see the world.”

    It is very important that our worldview is similar. We try (each by our own means) to show the beauty and fragility of the world of Nature around us, we teach to appreciate and love it, to protect, help and protect , — says the curator of the Art Gallery of NBS- NSC Margarita Makimenko. – Such a community expands our horizons, because botanical exhibitions also perform an educational function. Botanical art and animalistics invariably arouse a lively, genuine interest not only among adults, but also among children. I am sure that such environmental education, environmental education is the most effective!

    The exhibition of botanical painting and illustration «Interesting Cacti» starts in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden on April 1 and will last until the end of the month. Entrance to the Art Gallery is free, with tickets to the Garden.

    318656 В Никитском саду - выставка ботанической живописи "Интересные кактусы" 318656 В Никитском саду - выставка ботанической живописи "Интересные кактусы"

    Opening hours: daily, from 03 before 16 hours, day off — Wednesday.

    photo: press service of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden

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