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In the village of Shturmovoy — near Sevastopol — an updated road surface will appear

CrimeaPRESS reports:

As part of the implementation of the Safe High-Quality Roads national project, a section of the Shturmovoe-Khmelnitskoye road is being repaired. The length of the object is 1.3 km. Construction work began at the end of April. The deadline for the contract is the end of August, but it is planned to complete the repair ahead of schedule. Road workers have already completed the elimination of subsidence, replaced the side stone, arranged the bottom layer of the pavement. The pavement is currently being repaired, and then the top layer of the pavement will be arranged.

People not only see the result with their own eyes, but can also take part in the selection of repair areas, we listen. We received requests from residents with a request to include this road in the repair plan— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the deputy director of the department of transport and road infrastructure Nikolai Maksimov.

In the village of Shturmovoy - near Sevastopol - an updated road surface will appear In the village of Shturmovoy - near Sevastopol - an updated road surface will appear

Last year, the repair of another section of the Shturmovoe-Khmelnitsky road, more than 4 km long, was completed. Thus, by the end of summer, the updated roadbed will appear along the entire length of the road.

Also in Shturmovoy, the repair of the road on Povorotnaya Street was completed. The length of this object is more than half a kilometer. As part of the repair, the old pavement was milled, subsidence was eliminated, a leveling and top layer of the pavement was installed, and roadsides were strengthened.

All objects of the national project are marked on interactive mapwhere detailed information is available on all objects of the program of the current year, as well as photos of the results of road works of previous years, reflecting the positive changes on the roads of the city of Sevastopol.

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