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Since 2020, the Social Fund of Sevastopol has proactively opened 11.2 thousand personal accounts for newborns

CrimeaPRESS reports:

This year, the Sevastopol Social Fund proactively opened 1.1 thousand personal accounts with a permanent insurance number (SNILS) for newborns. The baby’s parents did not have to apply to the Fund with a statement on their own.

Starting from mid-July 2020, the process of issuing a personal account for a child in Sevastopol takes place without filing an application. In total, 11.2 thousand accounts have been opened since 2020. Information about the account is sent to the mother’s personal account on the State Services portal immediately after information about the birth of a child is received from the registry office to the SFR system. If a parent does not have a verified account on the State Services, to obtain SNILS, you can contact any customer service of the Sevastopol Social Fund or the nearest MFC with a passport and a birth certificate of the child. The insurance number will be provided on the day of application— noted in the press service of the department.

Sevastopol families need a personal account number for a baby to receive maternity capital, apply for social benefits, receive a compulsory medical insurance policy and attach to a clinic, and receive other public services. Adults need SNILS, for example, for employment and the formation of a pension.

source: press service of the Social Fund of Sevastopol

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