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In Yalta performed a unique operation on the brain

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For the first time in the region, specialists from the branch of the FSCC FMBA of Russia in Crimea performed a brain operation when the patient was conscious. Neurosurgeons removed a malignant tumor from the brain of a conscious patient. At the same time, for the entire hour and a half, while the operation lasted, she answered questions and maintained a dialogue with the doctor. In the Crimea, such a surgical intervention was performed for the first time.

This is a planned operation, the condition of the 52-year-old patient is good. But a malignant tumor in the brain, which is a metastasis of breast cancer, needs to be removed. This is how we prevent a possible neurological deficit, which will definitely occur with the growth of the tumor.— the press service of the Yalta administration quotes the head of the neurosurgical department of the branch of the FSCC FMBA of Russia in the Crimea, candidate of medical sciences, neurosurgeon Andrey Sitnikov.

The malignant tumor is located near the motor zone, which is responsible for the movement of the hand and for the tone of the movement of the facial muscles.

The operation was performed using the Awake craniotomy technique under local anesthesia. During the operation, we were able to identify the critical centers of the brain and not damage them when removing the tumor. We asked questions and kept the conversation going throughout the operation.Andrey Sitnikov shared the details.

The experienced neurosurgeon Andrey Sitnikov, who arrived at the branch three months ago, has already performed about 500 such operations. Recently, a number of high-tech operations have been performed in the neurosurgical department, which were not performed in Yalta before. Also in April, a program for the surgical treatment of epilepsy was launched using the most advanced technologies and many years of development.

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