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Investigators of the transport police transferred the case of fraud to the court of Sevastopol — the amount of damage is 800 thousand rubles

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The transport police completed the investigation of a criminal case on charges of -year-old resident of Sevastopol in fraud in the amount of damage 800 thousand rubles.

The accused undertook to supply three local residents and a limited liability company with household appliances (TV sets, a washing machine, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, mobile phones, etc.), as well as a batch of electronic cigarettes. The man received from them 100% advance payment for the order, and then, after a short correspondence in the messenger, he stopped responding to messages and calls. The product never arrived to the customer. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the crime. During the investigation, he claimed that he had funds available, but did not settle relations with clients in a pre-trial procedure. As the investigators found out, all the money received illegally was spent by the accused on paying debts, repaying accounts payable and on sports betting in a betting company , — reported the press service of Krymsky LU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport.

AT Currently, the criminal case has been sent to the Nakhimovsky District Court of the city of Sevastopol for consideration on the merits.
Source: press service of the Crimean LU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport

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