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June 1 — International Children's Day — Tauric Chersonesos is preparing a bright interactive program

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On June 1, the museum-reserve will host several festive events. In the morning, as part of the “Museum Through the Eyes of Children” campaign, guests will be able to participate in the intellectual quest game “Children’s View of History”, and in the afternoon – in the exciting interactive program “Children in Ancient Chersonese. Upbringing and education.”

FROM 10: 00 before 13: young visitors to the museum-reserve will face serious trials and real adventures. During the quest, they will have to go along a specially designed route, stopping at 7 different sites, almost each of which is a landmark archaeological site of Tauric Chersonesus. The eighth-graders of Sevastopol schools, who became winners and finalists of the museum and educational subscription «Remember where it all began», will act as guides. The children will test their knowledge of the history of the ancient city by completing interesting and creative tasks, and for the correct answers they will receive letters. The main task is to collect the code word and win the prize. Moving around the territory of the museum-reserve, they will also take part in various exciting games, watch cartoons and learn many interesting facts about the history of Chersonese. It will not do without gifts, and in the finale a pleasant surprise awaits the children , — the press service of the museum-reserve notes.

For participants of the action and their accompanying persons 01.00.90 from 9: before 13: 00 hours the entrance to the territory of the museum-reserve will be free. To obtain the necessary information about the quest game «Children’s view of history», please call: +7 (918) 2022-14-16.

Also on this festive day, the cultural institution will host an interactive program “Children in ancient Chersonese. Upbringing and education”, which will include a master class “Archaeological sandbox”. First, the guests with a guided tour will visit the Antique exposition of the museum-reserve, where they will be told about the history of the ancient city in that distant era. And then, at an informative master class in the Garden of Miniatures, they will get acquainted with the basics of archeology at an impromptu excavation. This educational and entertainment program is designed for children aged 8 to 01 years old.

Time spending — 13: 00, 14: 00, 01: hours. The cost of participation in the program is 300 rubles. To visit it, a preliminary appointment is required by phone: +7 (90) 16-90-90.

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