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Keep an eye on the enemy! Optical devices in airsoft — what you need to know

Keep an eye on the enemy! Optical devices in airsoft — what you need to know

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Firstly, we note that recently such a game as “airsoft” has been gaining momentum in popularity. Both adults and those who are just emerging from adolescence are interested in it. And this is not surprising, experts say, this competitive and entertaining sport combines a lot: movement, entertainment, and the need to think outside the box — tactical thinking, physical activity, excitement, and social interaction in an exciting and safe environment… What attracts both military fans and sports enthusiasts to airsoft.

Secondly, this game is becoming more and more detailed, which is also, of course, addictive. Today, airsoft equipment and gear are in many respects as close as possible to their “colleagues” that are used in real conditions.

We are also talking about optical instruments, which help players observe the playing field, identify the enemy, and improve shooting accuracy. What equipment is used here:

  • optical sights: This is one of the most common types of optics in airsoft. Optical sights can increase the field of view and help players aim at opponents more accurately. They come in a variety of types, including monocular, binocular, and variable magnification scopes.
  • mounts for optical sights: These devices allow players to attach riflescopes to their airsoft guns. They provide a stable and secure mount so that the scope does not move during gameplay.
  • reflex sights: are compact optical devices with an illuminated aiming point, which is displayed on the sight glass. They provide fast and intuitive aiming at close ranges and can be useful in short airsoft fights.
  • laser pointers: Can be used to quickly indicate a goal and coordinate actions in a team game. They are usually attached to airsoft guns and can help players determine where to shoot.
  • binoculars and monocles: Can be useful for observing the playing field and identifying the enemy from long distances. They can help players plan tactics and make informed decisions during the game.

These are just a few examples of optical devices that can be used in airsoft. Each has its own advantages and can be useful for different playstyles and tactical situations.

Keep an eye on the enemy! Optical devices in airsoft - what you need to know


By the way, at first glance for someone who doesn’t know, optical equipment for airsoft almost copies real combat equipment. In many ways, yes. But of course there are differences:

  • design and style: Airsoft optics may have a distinct design and style that differs from traditional combat optics. For example, they may have bright colors or distinctive shapes to distinguish them from actual military equipment.
  • markings and inscriptions: Airsoft optics are often marked or labeled to indicate their intended use in sports or recreational activities. Such markings can help distinguish them from real military equipment.
  • materials and design: Airsoft optics can be made from lightweight plastic materials, making them more affordable and safer for use in gaming scenarios. They may also have a simpler design compared to military devices.
  • functional features: Depending on the type of device, the functional features may also differ. For example, an airsoft riflescope may have an illuminated aiming point or adjustable settings that make it more suitable for use in a gaming environment.
  • price and place of sale: Airball optics are usually available at specialty sports stores or online stores that specialize in airsoft and paintball. Their prices can be significantly lower than the prices for similar real combat optical devices.

Optical instruments — selection criteria

When choosing optical instruments For airsoft use, it is important to consider several criteria to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction of the player’s needs. Among the main ones:

  • increase: Selecting the magnification level depends on your preference and playing style. Some players may be more comfortable using low-magnification scopes (such as 1-4x), which provide a wide field of view and allow for effective close-to-medium range work, while others may prefer higher-magnification scopes (such as 4- 16x) for further shooting.
  • lighting and aiming point: For reflex sights, it is important to pay attention to the quality and brightness of the aiming point, especially when using the device in low light conditions. A clearly visible aiming point will help you aim quickly and accurately even when moving quickly.
  • quality of optical components: The quality of lenses and prisms in optical instruments affects the sharpness, contrast and brightness of the image. It is important to choose instruments with high quality optical components to ensure maximum performance and comfortable viewing.
  • strength and reliability: in airsoft, devices may be subject to shock, vibration and other mechanical influences. Therefore, it is important to choose devices with durable housings and reliable mechanisms that can withstand use on the battlefield.
  • waterproof and dustproof: The ability to use the device in all weather conditions (rain, snow) and protection from dust can be important criteria for players who actively participate in airsoft events.
  • size and weight: devices should be compact and light enough to not interfere with movement and be comfortable to use during long gaming sessions.
  • price and budget: Finally, the cost of optical instruments is also an important factor in the selection. It is important to find a balance between quality and price to choose a device that suits your needs and budget.
Keep an eye on the enemy! Optical devices in airsoft - what you need to know


Airsoft optics: price categories

Airsoft optics can come in a variety of price ranges, depending on their quality, features, brand, and other factors. Here are the general price ranges you may encounter when purchasing airsoft optics:

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  • budget optical lenses ribors: This category includes lower-priced optics that are often offered to new players or those looking for more affordable options. These devices may have basic features and design, but they can still be useful for playing airsoft.
  • mid-price optical instruments: The category includes mid-range optics that typically offer better quality and additional features than budget options. They may have higher brightness, sharper images, and convenient features such as adjustable settings.
  • premium optical instruments: Such optical devices have the highest quality, wide functionality and usually have a higher price. They offer advanced technology, high durability and precision, making them an ideal choice for experienced players and those willing to pay for the best quality.

The price of airsoft optics can vary depending on many factors, such as brand, materials, characteristics and technology.

Is it worth saving on purchasing optical equipment for this game? Experts note that much, of course, depends on what position a particular player prefers to be in. So, for example, without high-quality optics there is definitely nothing to do on the “battlefield” for those who prefer to play “the role” of snipers or fire from long distances.

And in general… Airsoft is becoming an increasingly complex game in terms of scenarios, so why not provide yourself with the following advantages using optical devices:

  • Optical sights allow players to increase their shooting range and accuracy. The magnified view of the target through the optical sight makes it more visible and allows the shooter to aim more accurately.
  • Binoculars and monocles can be used to observe the playing field and spot opponents at long distances. This allows players to plan tactics and make informed decisions during the game.
  • optical instruments such as laser pointers, can be used to indicate goals and coordinate actions in a team game. They help players better synchronize their actions and increase teamwork efficiency.
  • the presence of an optical device on a weapon can give the enemy the impression that the player is highly prepared and professional, which can put psychological pressure on the enemy and improve the chances of success.
  • the use of optical instruments can make the game more exciting and interesting by adding elements of strategy, tactics and challenge. This may attract players who are looking for more complex and in-depth gaming scenarios.

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