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KFU created a single-board computer for unmanned small-sized equipment

KFU created a single-board computer for unmanned small-sized equipment

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Engineers from the FabLab laboratory of the Crimean Federal University. IN AND. Vernadsky developed a single-board computer measuring 40×40 mm for working with computer vision on board unmanned devices.

One of the tasks solved by our laboratory is the development of unmanned vehicles using artificial intelligence accelerators, that is, small computers in which all the necessary modules are installed on one small board. Today on the market there are solutions for widespread use that are inconvenient for use on board unmanned vehicles and leave some processor capabilities unrealized: for example, not all channels of the CSI interface are connected to connectors for connecting cameras, but there are DSI connectors (display connectors) , which are usually not used in unmanned vehicles. We have developed our own version of a single-board computer, which has all the interfaces we need, but does not contain anything superfluous, which allows us to significantly reduce not only its size, but also its cost, — the press service of the university quotes the head of the FabLab laboratory at KFU. V.I. Vernadsky Vladimir Ovcharenko.

The computer, which the developers called “Grape Pi 1,” has a 4-core H616 processor operating at 1.5 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, a slot for an SSD card, three pads with USB 2.0 contacts, HDMI and video-out connectors.

In the next versions of Grape Pi, the developers plan to remove the HDMI connector and add pads for the SPI and I2C interfaces and reduce the board to a size of 30×30 mm, which will allow the integration of a single-board computer into the same case with a USB camera, thus creating a full-featured small-sized control module unmanned devices.

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source: KFU press service

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