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KFU knows how to preserve the Crimean ecosystem

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Peculiar relief, diverse vegetation, together with fauna from many species of animals, is the basis of the unique Crimean ecosystem, which can be preserved only if the existing protected areas are preserved and expanded. The Crimean peninsula is one of the world centers of biological diversity. The number of species of flora and fauna living in the Crimea is comparable to such regions as the Caucasus, the Balkans, although their area is much larger. Recently, the global environmental movement has united under the slogan «preservation of biodiversity». For scientists and biologists, it has become obvious that it is impossible to save endangered species without preserving their habitat, and hence the entire diversity of species in their environment.

This can be explained with an example. One of the largest species of wild bees lives in the Crimea — odorous or steppe bumblebee. The insect, as its name implies, lives, collects pollen and nectar of steppe plants, and arranges nests in abandoned ground squirrel burrows. This is a disappearing view. It is also listed in the Red Book of Crimea and Russia. It is necessary not only to preserve plant species in their habitats, but also ungulates, ground squirrels, steppe eagles, that is, to preserve the whole world of the bumblebee, its natural habitat — the wild steppe , — the press service quotes the professor of the Department of Ecology and Zoology of the Institute of Biochemical Technologies, Ecology and Pharmacy of the Crimean Federal University Sergey Ivanov.

According to the expert, such a steppe is still preserved largely due to military training grounds, which later became zones where the natural complex is protected and preserved. These include Opuksky, Karalarsky, Kalinovsky, Tarkhankutsky nature reserves.

All Crimean reserves have a small area. A full-fledged steppe ecosystem cannot be less than 2.5-5 thousand hectares. This shortcoming can be compensated by expanding the buffer zones around them, as well as preserving areas with natural natural vegetation. Abandoned fields and inconveniences should not be planted with forest crops, but turned into pastures , — says the scientist.

It is worth saying that the area of ​​protected areas in Crimea is significantly less than the average area of ​​protected areas in Russia. Therefore, the Crimeans face an important task — not only to carefully preserve our protected areas, but also to create new ones.

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