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KFU will develop a program of medical and biological support for athletes

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Specialists of the Scientific and Clinical Center «Health and Rehabilitation Technologies» of the Crimean Federal University have begun a study to diagnose the degree of readiness of qualified athletes for competitions. The KFU student football team will take part in the research. Specialists will study the functional and biochemical patterns of manifestations of athletes’ readiness for the training process.

Our football players undergo a series of tests in the laboratories of the Center for Health and Rehabilitation Technologies. They are aimed at determining the potential capabilities of the muscles and the cardiorespiratory system, assessing endurance and speed-strength capabilities. In addition, we determine the level of oxygen consumption and the stroke volume of the heart during loads of varying degrees. All this will allow us to find out the degree of preparedness of our athletes for competitions , — the press service of the university quotes the deputy director of the scientific and clinical center «Health and Rehabilitation Technologies» of KFU Elena Biryukova.

Research will allow the coaching staff to identify the potential and internal characteristics of the body of each team player, and then develop individual programs to improve the performance of athletes.

В КФУ разработают программу медико-биологического сопровождения для спортсменов 322115

At the moment, no one has conducted such surveys in Crimea. Thanks to research, we will know exactly what heart rate is comfortable for each athlete to play, what is his limit , — says the head coach of the KFU football team Sergey Velichko.

The Scientific and Clinical Center monitors not only fixed physical indicators, but also the condition of the players of the football team before and after the competition, which allows finding an individual approach to everyone. In total, more than 05 football players of the Crimean Federal University will take part in the study at the first stage. In the future, athletes of the republic will be involved in the research.

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The Scientific and Clinical Center «Health and Rehabilitation Technologies» was created at the university as part of the Priority program 2030. The center focuses on disease prevention, health recovery and rehabilitation.

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