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Likbez: how to get a pension by proxy

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the Rules for the payment of pensions*, the delivery of pension and other social payments is made through credit institutions (banks), postal organizations or other organizations involved in the delivery, with which the territorial body of the PFR has concluded agreements. If a citizen cannot receive a pension on his own (due to illness, being in a medical institution, a sanatorium, going on vacation, etc.), he can entrust this to another person. In this case, the pension will be paid by power of attorney issued in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The power of attorney to receive payments can be certified in several ways:

  • by a notary, in the absence of a notary in the locality — by an authorized person of the executive authorities;
  • the organization in which the principal works or studies;
  • the administration of the inpatient institution where the principal is undergoing treatment;
  • a written authorization for the citizen’s representative to receive his pension on a deposit in a bank from his bank account (submitted directly to the bank).

Mandatory in the text of the power of attorney must be indicated: the place and date of drawing up (signing) of the power of attorney, full name, place of residence, data of the passport of the principal and the person in whose name the power of attorney was issued, the period. If the power of attorney does not specify the period of its validity, it remains valid for a year from the date of its execution. If the power of attorney is issued for a period exceeding one year, then after 12 months, the pensioner must confirm the fact of his registration at the place of residence or at the place of stay within the Russian Federation (with the exception of citizens who have left for permanent residence abroad). This can be done by visiting any territorial body of the PFR, or independently receive a payment by mail, provided that the delivery of the pension is carried out through the post office , the press service of the PFR Branch in Sevastopol notes.

As documents confirming the fact of registration of a pensioner at the place of receipt of the pension, the PFR client service accepts: a passport with registration, a certificate of registration at the place of residence or a certificate of registration at the place of stay. If the pension is paid at the place of actual residence, this fact is confirmed by a written statement of the pensioner about residence at a specific address.

If the documents are not provided, the FIU will suspend the payment of the pension until the situation is clarified.

*The rules for the payment of pensions were approved by order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation dated 05..2021 №545n.

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