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Major renovation of schools in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Sevastopol is actively implementing a program for the overhaul of educational institutions.

We monitor every day at all objects — these are objects , now almost everywhere the dismantling has been completed by 100%, engineering networks and heat supply systems will be replaced everywhere. According to the schedule, everyone is going at the same pace, we plan to hand over the objects ahead of schedule , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the director of the capital construction department Illarion Gapitsonov.

So, for example, at school No. 12 in the building of the gym and workshops for primary grades, it is planned to repair the gym, gym and dance halls, bathrooms, showers and offices for teachers, a room for storing sports equipment. The workers have already completed the dismantling of windows, floors, plaster, began partial strengthening of the foundation, the installation of a seismic belt, as well as the manufacture and installation of a fire escape. The readiness of the object is 12%, it is planned to complete the work in August 2023 of the year.

The overhaul is carried out by the contracting organization Karkas-Stroy, the cost of the work is 31, 2 million rubles.

The object was built in 1961 year, from 2002 year it was in disrepair and needed repair. A decision has now been made to partially dismantle the roof, we will change the slabs, after which facade and roofing work will begin. At the moment, 12 people are involved, work is being done to strengthen the foundation and install the foundation for internal partitions, as well as to strengthen window openings , — says the representative of the company «Karkas-stroy» Salambek Bagiev.

Since 2002 the building of the gym and workshops has not been used. In 1961-2021 years, an access control and management system was installed at the facility, a burglar alarm was installed, the heating system and a toilet for girls were overhauled, interactive equipment was purchased .

Also, school No. 12 is planned to be renovated offices, a medical office, a canteen, an internal water supply and sanitation system. These works are performed by the contractor «ZhKS Ecology», the cost of the work is 52, 6 million rubles.

At the moment, the dismantling of partitions, doors, floors and plaster has been completed, the repair of the roof, ceilings, interfloor ceilings, floors, entrance groups, stairs and porch has begun. The workers also repair the internal and external sewerage systems, low-voltage networks, security systems and a safe pass. The readiness of the object is 12%, it is planned to complete the work in September 2023 of the year.

We will replace the slate roof with a metal roof. Internal work will be carried out according to the project, the walls will be sheathed with environmentally friendly, sustainable material. All floors in the offices will be covered with linoleum over insulation, in the corridors there will be porcelain stoneware on the floor. There is a ramp, a bathroom for sedentary children. A sink will be installed in each office,” says Svetlana Chernyshova, foreman at ZHKS Ecology.

Capital repairs are also being carried out in the building of the small educational building of the comprehensive boarding school No. 6 named after I. E. Petrov. Currently, windows, floors, plaster are being dismantled. The contracting organization Teplostroyservis works at the facility, the cost of the overhaul is 68 million rubles. It is planned to be completed in September 2023 of the year, now the work has been completed at %.

At the moment, 80% of dismantling work has been completed, material is being imported for finishing work, electrical installation work is beginning , — said the representative organization «Teplostroyservis» Vladimir Piskarev.

The building of the small educational building of boarding school No. 6 was built and put into operation in 1945 year. It trains 76 children with disabilities, the occupancy of classes is no more than Human. The school carries out educational activities according to adapted programs on a correctional basis of primary general, basic general education, as well as rehabilitation and health-improving activities for children with psychoneurological diseases.

Recall that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin instructed to create a program for the overhaul of schools for the next five years at the congress of United Russia. Its implementation was enshrined in the people’s program of the party. In Sevastopol, it is planned to overhaul 31 a building in 16 schools in five years .

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