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PFR in Sevastopol: the main reasons for the denial of payment for children from 8 to 17 years old

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The FIU in Sevastopol notes: in order to receive new payments for children from 8 to years, you must submit an application. But positive decisions do not always come the first time — sometimes parents do not pay attention to the rules for assigning payments or fill out the application inattentively.

Larisa Mironova, Deputy Head of the Department for Establishing Pensions and Social Payments of the Sevastopol Branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, spoke about the main reasons why payments may be refused.

How is the average per capita income of a family taken into account?

— Income information is taken into account for months, but this period starts 4 months before the date of application. This means that if you apply for a payment in May 2022 of the year, then income from January to December 2022 will be taken into account of the year, and if in June 2022 of the year, then from February 2021 to January 2022 of the year. This should be taken into account when applying.

Does the presence of property in excess of the established list affect?

— In addition to calculating the average per capita income of a family, a comprehensive assessment of family property also plays an important role. For example, a family has two cars or the interest received by the family on deposits is more than the subsistence minimum per capita in the Russian Federation as a whole.

In connection with this reason for refusal, some parents have the following question: if a payment was refused due to property that in fact does not exist, what should I do?

— In this case, you need to contact the PFR client service or an organization that can document the absence of property owned by the family, for example, Rosreestr or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since it is such organizations that inform the Pension Fund about the presence of a family of this or that property. The document issued by the organization must be submitted to the PFR client service at the place of residence. Pre-registration is not required for this. After confirming that the property does not contain the property due to which the refusal was made, or, for example, this property is under arrest, the decision will be reviewed.

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What are the most common mistakes applicants make?

— Before sending the application, you should carefully make sure that all personal data (full name, SNILS, document numbers, etc.) are filled out correctly. Especially when it comes to names with the letter «ё».

What happens if you do not submit a revised application or documents within 5 working days?

— In this case, the appointment of payment will be denied and you will need to re-apply. You can submit all the necessary documents on any business day. There is no need to make an appointment for this.

What is the “zero income rule”, and how does it affect the law?

— The zero income rule assumes that the allowance is granted in case of a justified lack of income due to objective life circumstances.

For example, the family is large (i.e. one of the parents in a large family during all 12 months may have zero income, and the second parent must be income from work, entrepreneurship, creative activity or pension, scholarship), or the applicant in relation to children is a single parent, etc.

When will the refusal be known?

– The term for consideration of the application is up to 30 working days. Follow the notifications in your personal account at the State Services.

If the application was submitted personally at the client service of the Pension Fund of Russia or at the MFC, in case of a positive decision, the funds will be transferred within the period established by law without additional notice to the applicant.

In the event of a denial, the applicant will be notified within 1 business day stating the reason for the denial.

What to do in case of refusal?

— Eliminate the reasons for the refusal and submit a new application, as a last resort, if you disagree with the refusal decision — send an appeal to the online reception of the Pension Fund (

73832926Source: Press Service of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol

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