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March 21 — Verbonositsa. We also met larks

March 21 — Verbonositsa. We also met larks

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 21, people broke willow branches and hung them in their houses. As a symbol of purity and chastity, beauty and health. That’s why the day was called Verbonositsa.

Often the vernal equinox fell on March 21, so it was believed that winter had completely receded, giving way to the warm period of the year. We met larks. In honor of the event, they baked a special treat in the form of these birds.

Regarding weather signs:

  • Birds build nests on the sunny side — summer will be cool.
  • The larks have arrived early — spring will be warm.
  • The snow on March 21 has not yet melted, but the willow has bloomed — warming up.
  • Fog appeared — it means frost.
  • High clouds are floating quickly across the sky — warmth will come soon.
  • Sunny day March 21 — for a warm summer. Is it cold and cloudy outside? Summer will be the same.
  • There is a lot of water around — the year will be fruitful.

And our ancestors were also sure:

  • If a willow branch is placed on a table in the house, it will drive all difficulties and sorrows out of the house and bring happiness to the family.
  • On March 21 they say: “Whoever is whipped with willow will have a light body,” that is, there will be no illness.
  • If you knead the willow, put it on your head and cover it with a scarf, you can get rid of headaches.

Name days are celebrated today by: Nikolai, Vladimir, Afanasy, Erma, Dion, Ivan, Theodosius, Lazarus, Theodoret.

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