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Meganom Academy invites you to look at sports and scientific discoveries through art

Meganom Academy invites you to look at sports and scientific discoveries through art

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Academy of Creative Industries «Meganom» invites residents and guests of the Crimea to visit the exhibition project «Art and Sport» and the exposition «The Art of Changing the World». The exhibitions are devoted to displaying sports culture and the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle through the prism of modern and Soviet art, as well as the era of scientific discoveries and the development of Russian culture. Art exhibitions will last until October 5, admission is free by prior registration on the website: Applications must be submitted 5 days prior to the planned visit date.

Within the framework of the Art and Sport project, the authors are looking for images that support the ideas of competitiveness, striving for achievement, self-care through movement and sport. Ever since antiquity, masters draw inspiration from the figures of athletes striving for the perfection of the spirit and body through the discipline of physical activity. In our country, the combination of art and sport was most expressed in the works of Soviet masters, reflecting the beauty of free movement.

The exposition presents 97 works by artists from Russia and the CIS countries, including residents of the art cluster. The artworks address different types of art: from painting to NFT. In addition, at the exhibition you can see the work of socialist realist artists, representing the older generation of creators who are interested in the same issues as 50 years ago and even before. Through the connection of generations, the authors strive to show the principles of inheritance in art and compare more than a century old approach to the theme of the exhibition. Works of Soviet Sots Art were provided by the project partner, the Vellum Gallery.

The idea of ​​the project «Art and Sport» belongs to the author and host of the media project «ARTpatrol» Yuri Omelchenko. Watching the tandem of art critic Anastasia Postrigai and athlete Yuri Postrigai, he noticed how organically art and sport complement each other in reality.

I am convinced that the Art and Sport project is necessary for our country. To combine physical and spiritual beauty, to discover new names in art, and to show sports through the eyes of artists — this is the main goal of the project, which we sought to achieve.— says Yuri Omelchenko.

Previously, the exhibition project was presented at the Omelchenko gallery in Moscow. The exhibition covers various sports, emphasizing its importance in the modern world.

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The exhibition «The Art of Changing the World» focuses on artistic images that capture the development of Russian culture and science. The scale of change in the life of all mankind in the twentieth century is unique and unprecedented. Revolutionary changes in the social and political structure, science, worldview and even in everyday habits are completely unimaginable and illogical without the agitational influence of art. In the 20th century, the culture of our country took an amazing step forward. Starting as an idea to create a new person for a new free world, it has evolved into decades of scientific discoveries in the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, astronautics. The people who made this breakthrough at all levels inspired artists of older and younger generations. The landscape of Baikonur and the portrait of the metallurgist equally glorify this upward movement, focusing the viewer not on the fact of accomplishment, but, as it were, guiding through the accompanying images. The curator of the exhibition project is Lyubov Agafonova, and the curator-consultant is Asya Baskayeva, producer of the fine arts direction of the Tavrida art cluster. The exposition presents works devoted to various achievements of the culture of the USSR: from architectural sketches of innovators-constructivists of the 30s to socialist realists of the sixties, who wrote works in the era of the highest rise of the idea of ​​great achievements. Among the paintings at the exhibition are the works of Boris Sirnov-Russetsky, Dmitry Zhilinsky, Sergei Antonov and other artists. The exhibition is supported by the Vellum Gallery, the Cultural Code project and the Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Abroad.

Art exhibitions will last until October 5, admission is free by prior registration on the website: Applications must be submitted 5 days prior to the planned visit date.

The Academy of Creative Industries «Meganom» is a new concept of an educational environment for young representatives of culture, art and creative industries, which has become the core of the youth and educational resort «Tavrida.ART» (a project of Rosmolodezh) and one of the leading platforms in Russia for creating projects in the field of creative industries. The year-round educational center allows young professionals to receive professional education under the supervision of recognized leaders in the fields and take part in interactive projects prepared in cooperation with leading institutions and corporate partners.

source: press service of the art cluster «Tavrida.ART»

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