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September 7 is the day of Bartholomew and Titus. For mushrooms, but do not crush the fly agaric!

September 7 is the day of Bartholomew and Titus. For mushrooms, but do not crush the fly agaric!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

September 7 was also popularly called Falling Leaves. The main occupation of the day was the collection of mushrooms, which were used to prepare a variety of dishes. Mushroom dishes were not considered satisfying, but often helped the peasants out when they needed to cook something quick and tasty. In addition, since meat was not in abundance, it was believed that meat could be mixed with mushrooms, and the latter would acquire a meaty taste. Such a «deception» was often used to prepare various treats.

AND! On September 7, not only forest mushrooms, but also tea mushrooms enjoy special honor. It is believed that if you whisper your wish into a jar of mushrooms at dawn on this day, it will surely come true!

The Church now honors the memory of St. Titus, one of the 70 apostles, who is also known as a disciple of St. Paul, who was born on the island of Crete. Titus’ parents were pagans and categorically denied any other faith. Therefore, it is not known how Titus himself came to the decision to preach Christianity. However, according to some reports, in the year 49 he began to accompany the apostles Barnabas and Paul to the Jerusalem Council. Together with Paul, Titus subsequently traveled around Greece and carried out the instructions of his mentor. Titus also preached Christianity, converting not only people, but also church ministers. Paul soon appointed Titus bishop in Crete, and another disciple, Timothy, in Ephesus. Tradition says that Titus remained in the status of a bishop until his death — he lived for 107 years. Before his death, he managed to visit the Apostle Paul, who at that time was in Rome, being imprisoned.

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Remember in the church today and St. Bartholomew. He preached in Armenia. In particular, he was seized on the territory of Baku and subjected to numerous torments.

Notes of the day:

  • A lot of grain was threshed — for a hard, harsh winter.
  • Who gets up early will pick a lot of mushrooms.
  • A lot of mushrooms were born — by a long winter.
  • If it started to rain on September 7, you can’t perform any magical and healing rituals (read conspiracies, heal with herbs, induce and remove damage) — everything will be washed away with rainwater.
  • To wash this day with water with silver (in which something silver lay) is a good omen. All year long you will be cheerful, healthy and beautiful!
  • Swim in the bath — besides the same.
  • A useful day for shopping and a long journey.
  • It is not a good sign to start building a house on this day. It is believed that such a house will not last long.
  • The one who was born on September 7 will be especially happy in the second half of his life. And in order for such a person to be lucky not only in maturity, but also in his youth, from an early age he must wear amber as a talisman.
  • Mushroom pickers today should not take small children with them to the forest, so that the goblin does not carry them into the thicket.
  • Crush the fly agaric — the goblin will punish.

Name days are celebrated today: Vladimir, Ivan, Moses.

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