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Men's Health Day was held in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Men’s Health Day was held today at the Sevastopol Oncology Center. Traditionally, such events are aimed at attracting the attention of residents to the state of health and the need for preventive examinations. Reception was conducted by four urologist-oncologists. Patients were tested for prostate cancer and blood tests for prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Men’s Health Day today is focused on the early diagnosis of prostate cancer — by identifying this disease at an early stage, we can completely cure the patient of this disease. It is one of the most common tumors and often causes death in our patients if detected late. In the early stages, we can prevent the development of the disease by offering the patient radical methods of treatment: radiation or surgery. Recently, in Sevastopol, it has become possible to apply such an innovative method of treatment as brachytherapy. It is the most efficient— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the chief physician of the oncological dispensary Vasily Oshchepkov.

Doctors note that if there is no family history, that is, the patient does not have among the next of kin those who suffered from either prostate cancer or breast cancer, the first tests for the presence of prostate antigen are recommended for men at the age of 50. Those who have a predisposition are recommended to undergo the first examination earlier — at the age of 45. If the result is negative, the next time it will be necessary to check in five to ten years. Further, after 60 years, the examination must be carried out annually, because this is the most risky period in terms of the occurrence of prostate cancer.

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In total, specialists examined 54 patients, of which 6 were suspected of malignant neoplasms. More than 20 patients had an ultrasound, about 30 had a blood test for PSA.

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