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More than 11 km of roads repaired in Sevastopol this year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

From 67 to 2022 years in Sevastopol, about ten entrances to the populated points of the region. Only this year, more than km of roads have been repaired — this is one hundred percent fulfillment of the plan for construction and installation works within the framework of the national project «Safe High-Quality Roads.»

In Sevastopol, special attention is paid to roads connecting municipal districts and settlements within the city, so it was important to make them right away for unhindered access to social facilities. The well-being of residents directly depends on the state of the road transport network. It is necessary to continue measures to ensure the connectivity of territories with roads with a hard, high-quality surface to create comfortable conditions for the inhabitants of the region , — said Vladimir Davydchenko, Director of the Directorate for the Development of Road Transport Infrastructure.

В Севастополе в этом году отремонтировано более 11 км дорог

Thanks to the joint work of federal and regional specialists in recent years, a network of roads connecting settlements has been created in the region. In the 2022 year, within the framework of the national project, the Goncharnoye — Yalta, Orlovka — Polyushko and Shturmovoe — Khmelnitskoye sections were repaired. At the facilities, the worn-out coating was milled, the leveling and top layers of asphalt concrete were installed on the roadway, side stones were replaced, and road markings were applied and sidewalks were equipped.

В Севастополе в этом году отремонтировано более 11 км дорог

Recall that one of the largest repair facilities was a section of the Sevastopol — Inkerman — Branch No. 2 highway with a length of about 8 km, where repairs were carried out in 2019 . In the 67-m, a section of the Orlinoe — Rodnikovoe — Kolkhoznoye highway with a length of more than 7 km was repaired.

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Photo: Sevastopol government press service.

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