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More than 14 thousand residents of Sevastopol over 80 years of age receive an increased pension

More than 14 thousand residents of Sevastopol over 80 years of age receive an increased pension

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The SFR branch in Sevastopol automatically assigned a pension increase to 14,700 pensioners over 80 years of age. Let us remind you that the insurance pension consists of two parts — fixed and insurance. A fixed payment is part of an insurance pension, which is guaranteed by the state and does not depend on length of service, salary and the amount of insurance premiums paid.

In 2023, the amount of the fixed payment to the insurance pension is 7,567 rubles, respectively, the increased fixed payment is 15,134 rubles.

The Sevastopol Branch of the Social Fund draws the attention of pensioners to the fact that to receive an increased pension, centenarians do not need to apply anywhere; the recalculation is carried out automatically. The double amount of payments is accrued the very next month after a person reaches 80 years of age with an additional payment from the date of birth.

It should be noted that an increase in the fixed payment is not made to recipients of social pensions or survivors’ pensions, and for disabled people of group I, an increased fixed payment is paid from the moment the group is established.

The increase is also affected by the “maintained” size of the pension of Sevastopol residents. Let us recall that the concept of “saved” amount appeared in 2014, when, according to the Decree* of the President of the Russian Federation, all pensions of Crimean and Sevastopol residents were doubled and converted into rubles at the rate of 3.8. Such pensions began to be called “saved”.

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From January 1, 2015, all pensions of Sevastopol residents were recalculated in accordance with Russian legislation. These pensions conventionally began to be called “Russian”.

For a certain part of the city residents, after recalculation in 2015, the “Russian” pension turned out to be less than the “saved” one, but they continued to receive a larger pension, i.e. «saved».

It is important to remember that the “saved” pension of Sevastopol residents is not indexed. Only their “Russian” pension is subject to increase. At the same time, the “saved” pension is paid in a constant amount until the “Russian” pension of Sevastopol residents (which is indexed annually) reaches or exceeds the “saved” one.

For example, a 79-year-old pensioner has a “saved” pension of 16,000 rubles, while at the same time his “Russian” pension is less and amounts to 14,000 rubles. When a pensioner turns 80 in 2023, his “Russian” pension will increase by 7,567.33 rubles. and will already amount to 21,567.33 rubles. (RUB 14,000 + RUB 7,567.33). From this moment on, the pensioner will begin to be paid a “Russian” pension, since it will exceed the “saved” one.

*Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of March 31, 2014 No. 192 “On measures of state support for citizens who are recipients of pensions in the territories of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol”

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