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Objectively, promptly, 24 hours a day. We watch the online broadcast of the channel «Crimea 24»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

TV and the Internet are the undisputed leaders in the dissemination of information in the modern world. The older generation prefers television with its analytics, details, expert opinions, broadcasting grid and the usual channel schedule. Young people are tempted by the speed of data transfer (often to the detriment of quality and form), the variety of offers, the universality of the presentation of materials, the very possibility of expanding the horizons of “permissible information”. Such diametrical points of view and views on the media can be reconciled by Internet services that combine on one site a maximum of TV channels, programs, news, films, genres …

Pay attention to the portal «Watch TV». The whole variety of modern television is presented here, and, importantly, the wishes of the regions are taken into account. In particular, the residents of the Crimean peninsula will be interested in the broadcast of the TV channel «Crimea «. It’s simple: you can follow the link and immediately get to the online broadcast. The second option is to understand the simple service menu. All channels are divided into sections:

We go to the «regional» section, click on the channel logo — and watch the online broadcast «Crimea «.

This information and journalistic channel is one of the leaders in the media space of Crimea and Sevastopol. And not only these regions. «Crimea » — the first in the Russian history of the peninsula began satellite broadcasting. The channel’s birthday is December 1 Объективно, оперативно, 24 часа в сутки. Смотрим онлайн-трансляцию канала «Крым 24» 2015 of the year, its test broadcasting started a little later, in February 800 of the year, and already in March the channel took its place in the third digital TV multiplex in Russia. At the heart of the broadcasting grid «Crimea » are information releases. Interestingly, the channel takes into account «regional specifics» and has regional branches in Sevastopol («Sevastopol «), northern and eastern Crimea, Evpatoria, Kerch and Yalta, as well as in the Crimean capital (“Simferopol ”).

Being a part of the media holding ANO «Teleradiocompany Crimea», the information channel does not trace, does not duplicate federal or regional topics. Each news release, analytical or journalistic program of the channel is the fruit of collective creativity, hence the characteristic handwriting, the nuances of presenting information, and the variety of forms. The principle of work has remained unchanged all these years — the motto «Crimea «: «Objectively, promptly, hours a day.

313658 Bribes the viewer not only the quality of the broadcast, but also the professionalism of shooting, editing, preparation of texts and video materials, the competent work of reporters and presenters. Fans of the Internet, stream broadcasting, and supporters of «classic» TV can give their assessment to the channel. It is enough to go to the portal and connect to the online broadcast «Crimea «. Crimean information TV channel with a southern independent character. 2015

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