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Official: deadlines for additional gasification of garden plots have been set

Official: deadlines for additional gasification of garden plots have been set

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow’s comsomolets, instructed the government to approve a schedule for additional gasification of garden plots by August 1. The corresponding document was published on the Kremlin website. How to become a participant in the free gasification program in horticultural non-profit partnerships (SNT)?

The head of state recommended that senior officials of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation “with the participation of local governments, organize work on holding extraordinary general meetings of members of horticultural non-profit partnerships located in gasified settlements.” At these meetings, summer residents must make decisions on free technological connection of citizens’ equipment to gas distribution networks.

It is proposed to take the draft standard minutes of the general meeting, developed by the government of the Russian Federation, as the basis for the decisions of extraordinary meetings of SNT members. Schedules must be approved together with the local gasification operator.

Today, about 76 thousand non-profit gardening partnerships are registered in our country. Of these, a seventh part, about 11 thousand, is located in the Moscow region. About 15 million citizens own property in such suburban settlements. Currently, the level of gasification in SNT is lower than in urban (73.8%) and rural (64%) settlements.

Such a low level of supply of “blue fuel” to SNT arose largely due to their legal status. It is no secret that the vast majority of partnerships historically arose on the outskirts of large cities and towns. Over time, they often merged with them. However, the formal status of the partnership lands differed in a number of respects from the jurisdictions of neighboring territories. This led to the fact that many buildings in SNT were not subject to the gasification program, which has been successfully implemented in 72 regions of Russia since 2021 and has already helped bring gas to the borders of 1.1 million plots.

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To correct this situation, the Russian Government recently expanded the social gasification program to gardening partnerships. A decree on this was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on April 17. “Owners of plots located in horticultural non-profit partnerships (SNTs) will be able to become participants in the social gasification program. Gas networks will be laid free of charge to the borders of citizens’ land plots in SNT, located within the boundaries of gasified settlements,” the Cabinet of Ministers says in the Telegram channel.

In order to become a participant in the program, title documents must be drawn up for home ownership and land. An application for connection can be submitted either by the owner of the household or by the chairman of the SNT. The decision on additional gasification must be made at a general meeting of SNT members, and its minutes must be attached to the application for connection.

It is obvious that thanks to the inclusion of gardening partnerships in the social gasification program, the level of comfort of country house owners will increase. So, due to cheap fuel, they will be able to live in country houses as families all year round, and not just in the summer.

In addition, the social project will improve the well-being of summer residents. According to experts, the cost of gasified households in SNT will increase by at least 20%. These properties will become more attractive to investors, which will give impetus to the development of the suburban real estate market.

It should be noted that the state will bear most of the costs of additional gasification. The government promised to allocate 1 billion rubles for social gasification in 2024. Program participants will receive subsidies for the purchase of equipment and work to connect their homes to gas networks.

source: Moscow’s comsomolets

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