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On April 23, a pre-Easter agricultural fair will be held in the Crimean capital

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Tomorrow, a pre-Easter agricultural fair will take place in the Crimean capital. The «nail» of the trading day: in honor of the bright holiday, the cost of a dozen chicken eggs will be rubles.

On Saturday, about 150 agricultural producers plan to sell about 80 tons of products in Simferopol. At three fairgrounds, residents and guests of the capital will be able to purchase fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, sausage, dairy products, as well as fish, honey, pickles and delicious pastries. All products are of the highest quality, grown and produced by our farmers with great care for customers.

Recall that Crimean farmers sell products directly, without intermediaries, so its cost at the fair is an order of magnitude lower than market prices.

More than 4 thousand agricultural fairs have been held in Crimea since the beginning 2022 of the year. The volume of sold agricultural products amounted to more than 6 thousand tons. According to the information provided by the administrations of municipalities of the Republic of Crimea, this week the following events were organized and held: 269 agricultural fair events, more than 2 thousand fair places were involved, 177, 3 tons of agricultural products and products of its processing, more than 1700 agricultural producers took part, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea reported.

The Agricultural Fair will run on 23 April, Saturday, from 7: to 14: at three addresses in Simferopol: st. Sevastopolskaya, 80/3, st. Kyiv, 177 and st. B. Kuna / st. Kecskemetskaya.

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