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On January 26, Kasatonov readings will be held in Sevastopol

On January 26, Kasatonov readings will be held in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Kasatonov readings will be held in the format of a round table meeting at the Sevastopol Maritime Library named after. M.P. Lazarev. Its organizers are the Institute of CIS Countries in Sevastopol (executive director — S.P. Gorbachev), the Military Scientific Society of the Black Sea Fleet with the support of the Union of Journalists of Sevastopol and partners — the scientific and veteran community, Black Sea sailors, Sevastopol residents.

The round table meeting is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Admiral I.V. Kasatonov, commander of the Black Sea Fleet in 1991-1992. The admiral, his family, friends, associates, colleagues, subordinates, students, as well as grateful Russians will celebrate his anniversary on February 10 this year. Igor Vladimirovich Kasatonov is an admiral of the Gorshkov School of Navigation and the Kuznetsov School of Naval Service, who became the National Hero of Russia without conferring special ranks or presenting any awards for preserving the Black Sea Fleet of the former USSR for Russia. It was on his initiative and will that during the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Black Sea Fleet did not leave its native harbor, remaining in historical bases, on its native Crimean land and in the waters of its native Black Sea. Then the bridgehead of the Russian Spring was created, held by the Black Sea people for 23 years. The patriots of the Power remember this and pay tribute to the Admiralsay the event organizers.

A number of issues are scheduled to be considered at the Kasatonov readings. They are based on the creative heritage of the naval commander, who is the author of more than thirty books — fundamental studies on the history of the Russian-Soviet Navy of the XX-XXI centuries. Admiral I.V. Kasatonov thoroughly, on a solid scientific basis, systematized the information array about the genesis of the process of transforming Russia into a Great Maritime Power. This is the time of its triumphs and tragedies, the era of effective implementation of the principles of possessing sea power in world politics, when solving combat missions both in war and in peacetime. This is the era of several generations of truly historical figures — professional sailors, without whom Great Russia would not have happened. The documentary and journalistic film “The Last Admiral of the Soviet Union” will be shown at the meeting.

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The beginning of the Readings is at 13.00 (January 26). Free admission.

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