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On the eve of the 241st anniversary of Sevastopol, the first mention of the city police was found in archival documents

On the eve of the 241st anniversary of Sevastopol, the first mention of the city police was found in archival documents

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At the personal request of the chief custodian of the funds, Olga Kashitsyna, a study of archival documents was carried out and the first mention of the Sevastopol police was found in 1787. The head of the archive of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol, Natalya Tereshchuk, in her book “Sevastopol City Administration” wrote about the police chief Levitsky, dated 1790. Previously, the first information about law enforcement officers of the hero city dated back to 1802 — the establishment of the position of mayor.

The history of Sevastopol can be studied for years, and each time new details and dates will emerge. The white-stone city survived so many battles, bravely withstood all adversities and was repeatedly rebuilt from the ruins. It began its existence on February 10 (21), 1784 with the decree of Catherine II on the creation of a fortified city on the shore of Akhtiarskaya Bay.

Sevastopol took a significant place in the Russian Empire, which it proudly occupies to this day. The fortress city had exceptional political and military significance for the state due to its location on the peninsula, which determined its special status throughout all the years of its existence.

From the very first days, Sevastopol became the main base of the Black Sea Fleet. In 1787, Belokamenny was ranked among the naval ports of national importance, subordinate directly to St. Petersburg. Then the city was separated from the subordination of the Tauride province, and was a separate entity.

In the same year, Catherine the Great visited Crimea and visited the fortified city. Then a city magistrate was opened in Sevastopol, who took over the functions of city government. The city was headed by a governor general, who was also the commander of the Black Sea Fleet.

Natalia Tereshchuk recently managed to find in the city archives a report from Colonel Totovich on the detention of a Taganrog tradesman without a written form, published in 1787. In this report they found the first mention of the Sevastopol police.


June 1787, Saturday 12, week 13, there was no presence, and Monday 14, the presence of the Tauride regional government arrived at midnight at 8 o’clock:

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Mr. Actual State Councilor of the Tauride Region, Governor and Cavalier Vasily Vasilyevich Kakhovsky, Mr. Advisor to the Board Pyotr Maksimovich

HEARD: The report of Colonel and Cavalier Totovich, in which the Taganrog tradesman Ivan Nabatov, taken in the city of Bakhchisarai without a written form, was sent with the interrogation carried out on him, in which his name means Ivan Borisov, son of Nebatov, he is thirty-five years old, of the Greek faith, read and write he knows how to write, he comes from Belgorod, from the merchant class, from there he lived in Bakhmut with a trade passport for seven years, and from Bakhmut, according to the current new revision, he was assigned to the Taganrog philistinism, where he lived for three years, from there he, according to what was given to him from the civil government ticket for a period of ten months, he lived here in the Tauride region in the city of Sevastopol for more than a year, from where, having moved to Bakhchisarai, he lived in different places to earn money, but the ticket given to him from the Taganrog civil administration was left by him with the Sevastopol police, which was already expired, and when committed In this board of inquiry, he confirmed his previous testimony.

ORDERED: The said Taganrog tradesman Nabatov, who found himself without a written form to assign him to his former home behind the guard, with an open decree to the Ekaterinoslav viceroyal board, sent a message about this to it via mail.

Vasily Kakhovsky

Pyotr Maksimovich.»

For 241 years, Sevastopol has been a military city, a city of Russian sailors, and has a special status. Today our hero city celebrates its birthday, thriving and delighting citizens with the fullness of the colors of southern nature and the ebb of the Black Sea. All this time, the police maintain public order in their hometown, protecting the peace of local residents, courageously, to match the hero city.

source: press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Sevastopol

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