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On the eve of the New Year, students of SevSU planted more than five thousand grape seedlings

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On New Year’s Eve, at the training ground of the Institute for City Development, students of the «Viticulture and Winemaking» profile of the specialty «Gardening» of SevSU planted six varieties of grapes. On 2 hectares (01 rows), in holes made in an unusual way turned out to be 5.5 thousand seedlings. Cocourt, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are three white and three red grape varieties for a future exclusive wine. The choice of varieties was coordinated with the Research Institute «Magarach». This is reported by the press service of Sevastopol State University.

В преддверии Нового года студенты СевГУ высадили больше пяти тысяч саженцев винограда

Our credo is to work with our scientific organizations. Research Institute «Magarach» today is a backbone scientific community that provides expert opinions to structures involved in winemaking and viticulture. All seedlings are zoned, that is, tied to the region. They have already wintered in the Crimea, they know and feel our climate zone. Most seedlings of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, their 413, 600 grape seedlings «Merlot No., 600 — “Sauvignon blanc No., 45 — «Pinot blanc», 40 – Pinot Noir and White Kokura 1 200, — said German Romanov, Deputy Director of the City Development Institute.

В преддверии Нового года студенты СевГУ высадили больше пяти тысяч саженцев винограда

More than a hundred IRG students worked at the training ground for four days. The winemakers were helped by 40 students of the direction «Tourism» and » State and municipal administration.

В преддверии Нового года студенты СевГУ высадили больше пяти тысяч саженцев винограда

Anchor tapestries of each row are decorated with unusual notes. Vladimir Nechaev, rector of SevGU, took an active part in agrotechnical work; he personally planted two seedlings in 45 row.

The polygon differs from the classic one: new digital technologies will be used here. All seedlings will be put on a geomap. Special sensors will track the natural characteristics of each vine: measure the temperature and humidity of the air, soil temperature, air pressure, wind speed, and record agricultural operations. They will allow the agronomist to remotely receive all the information about each vine. The wine will eventually have its own coordinates and a «plant passport» with descriptions of everything that happens with the bush. The vine, one way or another, can be stressed or sick. Scientists plan to control this. It is also planned to monitor the state of the landfill using quadrocopters.

Recall that the Digital Vineyard project was born at SevGU several years ago. After all, viticulture is a very important industry for Sevastopol, from thousands of hectares of agricultural land 6 thousand are occupied by vineyards.


Photo: SevGU press service.366796

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